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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photos of Benne's Blanket

Remember when I posted about Benne's blanket and showed you a photo of the blanket before seaming? Well she received her blanket on Monday, and has finally taken a photos of the finished blanket. You can see the blanket here (click on photos to enlarge). I love love love the square with the crab! That is awesome!

The yarn used was Elann Highland Wool in these colors:

Red Maple (87M2)
Harvest Heather (0744)
Grape Heather (0743)
Forest Glade Heather (651)
Nutmeg Heather (408)
Benne is still waiting for the Blankie Tales which will tell her a little about what each square was doing while it was being knit and who made it. Bets is putting this together. Come on Bets! Festina lente! :-) Until then, I can point out a few of the squares to you:

Top row, 1st square is Barbara's dayflower lace; this one was knit right under Benne's nose at Alice Trueman's knitting retreat in Salt Spring Island!!!
Top row, 2nd square is Kelly's embossed twining vine lace.
Top row, 4th square is mine based on the Hera Scarf.

2nd row, 1st square is Diane's multicolored square.

3rd row, 2nd square is Jan's overlapping leaves.
3rd row, 3rd square is Lisa's candle flame lace. You can see larger photos of her square on her blog here.
3rd row, 4th square, I think this is Gaile's horseshoe lace. I know she did a green lacy one.
3rd row, 5th square is Jayne's; check out her gorgeous yarn on her Etsy shop.

4th row, 1st square is Ghislaine's hourglass lace.
4th row, 2nd square is Suzann's log cabin. Poor Suzann was very sick during the time we were putting this project together, yet she still managed to knit this beautiful square and then had her daughter finish up by weaving in the ends and mailing it in time. You can see a larger photo of her square on her blog here.
4th row, 3rd square is Trish's cable pattern inspired by the Spring Forward cardigan. You can see a larger photo of her square on her blog here.
4th row, 4th square is Alice Trueman's.

Bottom row, 1st square is Sandra's.
Bottom row, 2nd square is Theresa's square inspired by the Celeste Pinheiro's Tide Pool Blue sweater.
Bottom row, 3rd square is Les' square.
Bottom row, 5th square is Jamie's.

Edging was knit by Bri, Cate, Joan, and Libby.

Oh gosh, I hope I get these squares and links correct! Sorry I can't identify each square. Other partners in crime included: Amy, Billie, Cheryl K, Cheryl T, Daryl, Denise, Evelyn, Karin, and Kim.

I know that Jean has made a beautiful stained glass hummingbird for Benne. She was taking a class and made this herself! That is so cool!

7/18/2008 Update:
Barbara added photos of Alice's, Jamie's, and her squares to her latest blog post here.

7/19/2008 Update:
Added Diane, Ghislaine, Jan; also link updates.

9/3/2008 Update:
Added Les.

9/4/2008 Update:
Added Sandra.


5 stitch(es):

Aunt Kathy said...

The blanket is awesome.

I went to her blog and she couldn't have nicer words to say to all of you

Gosh I am almost crying, ok not almost.

Anonymous said...

Knitters are the nicest people, aren't they? What a wonderful gift. And I love the crab, too. Is it a Celeste Pinheiro pattern?

CatBookMom said...

Great post, Marie! Thanks for pulling all of the links together. I've posted close-ups of the squares that Alice, Jamie and I added.

Ghislaine said...

Thanks for identifying all the squares Marie. I'm (as usual) lagging in updating my blog so I haven't yet posted a photo of my square. Mine is the first in the fourth row - hourglass lace in nutmeg heather.

benne said...

Marie, thank you for posting the info on your co-conspirators. You all are amazing and talented and I just love my blankie! :)