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Friday, May 23, 2008

Off my box


You may think I'm off my box when you see what I picked up today, especially after I had picked up six almost 3 weeks ago after my search for safe replacements. Did I really need to pick up 9 more??? As you can see, I really do like these. So many sizes. So many colors. And PBA-free too! You can never have too many, right?

I had little choice about getting the one pictured above as Miss M would not let go of it in the store. It is Miss M's favorite color (well, mine too) and the perfect small size for her (500 mL). This was also the last purple one on the shelf. They had no purples ones the last time I went to the store (REI).

I noticed that they had some new Nalgenes today, in the same shape/style as my old polycarbonate Nalgenes. The sticker on these new bottles state that they are BPA-free. I picked up 4 of these.

Oh, I forgot to mention this. All the Camelbak water bottles are 30% off at REI. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! They were completely out of the 1 litre bottles when I got there. Another shopper was holding the last 4, but he was really nice and let me have one of them. It was perfect because my goal for that trip was to buy DH a blue bottle to replace the polycarb bottle he kept in his tennis bag.

Ok, I promise not to talk about water bottles ... for another 3 weeks. ;-)


I need to start making a packing list for my trip to Monterey. I usually do this well in advance, I just haven't been focused enough to do it this time. Georgi suggested I take my Mom's vest (last seen here and here) with me, so I hope to get some of that done during the trip. I still haven't decided on a book yet.

I'm looking forward to seeing V tomorrow. Besides getting more details on her recent trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong and general catching up, we also plan to shop for fabric to line the 3 cable bags we have been working on.

Speaking of bags, I discovered the Everlasting Bagstopper from Allison, and it looks like a possibility for all this cotton yarn I picked up. Rachel had suggested using the cotton for bags. I also loved her suggestion on how to get Miss M to drink more water, and I still have to try Cactusneedles' reccomendation.

I kinda wish I had my iPod Touch, DH's birthday gift to me which has not arrived yet. It would have been a neat thing to have on the trip. Yes, I wanted to figure out where all the wi-fi hotspots were in Monterey. Hmm... why is it that many of the gifts DH gets me tend to fall under the consumer electronics category?

Catmum informs me that there is a yarn shop in Pacific Grove called Monarch Knitting. I'm not sure I'll be able to swing by there during this trip, it is more likely for me to stop by Knitting By The Sea in Carmel. We'll see.


2 stitch(es):

Rachel said...

Ooo, now I'm famous! I'm mentioned on your blog!

You're too funny with those water bottles!

hakucho said...

Your water bottles are awesome! You can never have too many when you have a little one. Got to take a bottle everywhere you go, right?

has been making lots of those bags using acrylic...looks like an interesting pattern :)