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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Knitting Standstill, Done In By Cables


Knitting has come to a standstill as I'm faced with the blunder I made about 20 rows back. See that elongated "C" curve in the upper half of the photo? Well there should be a cable crossing similar to the one you see in the lower half of the photo. I can't believe I didn't catch the mistake sooner. Now I am faced with trying to unravel this section and hope I can work all the cable crossings correctly as I go up, or tediously tink back over 1350 stitches to correct my mistake. I should add that I'm knitting this on 3.25 mm (US3) needles and it is difficult to see well with this dark green yarn.

What would you do in this situation?

I tinked back 2 rows and was completely done in. I frogged the entire piece.

Now I need to work up to casting on again. I'm not sure if I'll actually complete this. I like the pattern but don't like it in this sport weight yarn, however the width too wide if I use the DK weight yarn I really want for this project. It can be challenging to find a good marriage between yarn and pattern, especially when one is making an effort to shop the (very modest sized) stash.


We're expecting a little heat wave tomorrow and the next day. I may even get to turn on the air conditioner. It feels so strange to have air conditioning. We never had it in San Francisco. Didn't need it there. If it gets unbearable, I may treat Miss M to some Jamba Juice...

I find it difficult to knit with wool on such hot days. Who wants wool draped over one's lap when it's 75ºF (24ºC) and up?

ETA: It's expected to be 92ºF (33ºC) and 99ºF (37ºC)respectively on Tues & Wed, in Sunnyvale, CA.


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5 stitch(es):

Rachel said...

That's too bad about your cable. I just HATE it when I do that!

Maybe you should knit some socks? That's usually my go-to summertime project . . .

catmum said...

ooh, sorry to hear that you had to frog the whole thing. I did something similar on CPH but I used Yarn Harlot's method of just dropping down the stitches on the cable alone, and then knitting them back up, and crossing the right way. I think there's Youtube videos on the subject as well. Maybe next time?

Allison said...

Major bummer! I can't STAND to tink back several rows so what I do is I pull out my needles, lay it flat on a table and carefully pull back rows making notes of how many I have pulled out. Then when I'm pulling out the last one I follow behind with a needle and scrap yarn to catch the stitches. After that I put them back on the needle. I find it much easier to use the needle and thread than trying to follow along with another knitting needle. Good luck getting the gumption to "get back on the horse!" Stay cool.

smariek said...

I would have just dropped the stitches in that section if it was a very simple cable. This one, with its 3-st and 4-st cables where some were all knit and others were knit/purl combos, would have driven me crazy. I think next time I will just have to use a lifeline.

Allison: I like your method of picking up stitches using needle and scrap yarn; I've always used a knitting needle in the past when I did this.

hakucho said...

Sorry about you having to frog your cables, but sometimes that's the easiest solution and just start over ;)

It's freezing and rainy here...I can't wait for it to warm up a little and stay warm. Usually we go into acute heat around Memorial Day. Wish it would come more gradually!

happy knitting :)