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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ariel Hat

This Ariel Hat is intended to go with my Ariel Scarf. I don't know how popular scarf & hat sets are, but I imagine there must be some interest since I've received inquires about "sets" for my other patterns.

I used less than 3 balls of Marly for this hat. One ball for the cable band. And I'm guessing one and a half ball for the body of the hat; I started with one ball and then continued with a remnant ball which was probably a half ball. There's some question about actual yardage for the yarn, the yarn label says x yards and Elann measured it at y yards. For more info on Marly and yardage, look
here where I mention numbers.

I suppose I could have made the cable band narrower, but I felt that this showed off the pattern better. Being double layer around the head, this is definitely going to keep you warm. :-) I should probably block the hat slightly so it looks more even.
This is actually not my first cable turn-up cuff style hat. The first one I made was this pink chemo hat back in Dec 2005.

When I made this hat, I slipped the first stitch of each row purlwise and knitted the last stitch of each row. I thought that the selvage would help me pick up stitches around the edge after I grafted the cable band. I have no idea whether it makes any difference.

Stitches used in this hat include:
Serpentine Cables, BW1 pg 286
Stockinette Stitch, BW1 pg 10

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Pattern revised on 20 January 08.

Ariel Hat pattern:
Ariel Hat Pattern from (no registration required, just click on link & save file)

Matching Ariel Scarf Pattern can be found here:


3 stitch(es):

benne said...


Your patterns are so fine. I love the hat and scarf in the Ariel pattern. Your cablework is just flat-out amazing.

Good luck on the house search, It's a wearying business.

vwarheit said...


My mother has fallen in love with your Ariel hat (and I'm a big fan, too), and she's asked me to make it... but before I do, I'm hoping to find out the gauge -- or at least sizing -- for it. Could you please add your gauge to the pattern?

Many thanks,


smariek said...


You didn't leave me any info to contact you directly, so I hope you will check back here to see this response. :-)

I'm not sure what the gauge was for this hat but I think it was in the neighborhood of 21 sts / 4 inches for the stockinette section. I'm sorry, I am not very good at pattern writing and most of my hats were for charity so I wasn't too concerned about fitting a specific person when I knit them.

The beauty of the Ariel Hat is that you knit the cable band first and you can adjust how big it is by knitting the band for as long as you need to be able to wrap it around your (or your mother's) head. Then you graft the ends together to form a ring and then pick up stitches on one side to work on the stockinette/body section of the hat. Depending on how long you knit your cable band, you may need to adjust the number of stitches you pick up along the edge of the band and then adjust the decrease at the top of the hat. For example, if you pick up 114 stitches along the edge of the band, then you may want to start your decreases with K17, K2Tog; if you pick up 120 stitches along the edge of the band, then you may want to start your decreases with K18, K2Tog.

Good luck! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.