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Monday, February 12, 2007

Mom's Asherton Hat

It's finally finished after about 3 weeks. It's similar to the toddler version, except that I cast on 12 extra stitches and moved down a needle size to US5 so the hat wouldn't be too large for mom. And I think I knit 7 rounds of * P6, K6 * before the pattern and 7 rounds of * K6, P6 * after the pattern. And since I had cast on 108 sts, I started the decrease with K16, K2Tog. Gosh, this hat looks so much like the one I made M last month (same yarn, same color, same pattern), it is going to be amusing to see both of them wearing their hats at the same time. :-)


Maj sent me email to let me know she finished knitting my Persephone Scarf. This is the first person that I know of who has knit this scarf. Check out her blog for photos. I was blown away at how beautifully her scarf turned out, and how well she photographed it. Her pics look so much better than mine. I need her to come over to my house to take pics of my knitting!!! Norway isn't so far away, right? I mean, we're on the same planet, lol.

Seriously, I need to learn how to take better pictures of my knitting. And also figure out how to take pics of larger items like scarves ... so that I can stand back far enough to take a picture of the whole thing, yet still get the scarf to show up in most of the space in the picture (rather than having a tiny sliver of a scarf and tons of extra space around it). Any tips?


Here's something I was fiddling around with. I think it looks nice, but this cloth is way too large for practical use. It can be made a little narrower, however it would still be big.


Still sick, but it's getting better. I have traded sore throat pain for sinus congestion, a refreshing although differently annoying change. At least it's easier to read/sing to M without the sore throat. My nose has a love & hate relationship with tissue. Love and hate what a beautiful combination, sending shivers up and down my spine. I'm hoping to get back to 100% by Friday for our little 1-night getaway to Healdsburg, CA.


7 stitch(es):

junior_goddess said...

Just take your time with the photos-the scanner is my friend! I think it will be cute as heck to have Gram and M matching!


Joan said...

That is the most soothing shade of pink. Love the hat!

I find that I need natural daylight to accomplish a decent digital pic.

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Isnt it fun when someone knits your designs! I get a kick out of it!

I'm hoping that you are feeling better soon.

jayne said...

Oh, Maj did an awesome job on her scarf. It's perfect, and I love the colour. I gotta make me one of those one day.

Feel better soon!

Kelley said...

Love that little hobby horse! Too bad it's too big. (Just how big is it, anyway? Just curious.) I really like cloths with lacework images like this little horsey, the papillon, and the heart lace cloth.

LisaW. said...

Such a great hat...and love the horse cloth.I bet that could easily be adapted to a baby blanket...hmmm...i can feel the hamster running around on the wheel!

babette said...

I feel your photos are very good...don't be too critical.
Maj's Persephone scarf is great-love the color. Persephone is next up on my list, just have to think of a color/yarn. Right now I am making your pattern Asherton in some Classic Elite Lush, it's coming along I just wish I had used a more vibriant color.