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Monday, August 14, 2006

Spring Butterflies Dishcloth

Yes, it's another dishcloth with the same pink/white variegated yarn. In fact, it's my third one in this yarn. But not to worry, I have picked up some cotton yarn in other colors and will be knitting up something non-pink before the next Ice Age.

This Spring Butterflies pattern doesn't seem to show up very well with a variegated yarn. I think it would look much better in a solid color. I'll have to try it again using a solid and see how it compares. I also want to figure out how to get the edge to stop curling so much. This one is also very slightly trapezoidal, the top edge is just a little wider than the cast-on bottom edge. I guess my tension changed as I knitted, or it had something to do with casting off. I also need to figure out a new way to cast-on, as my cast-on edge never matches my cast-off edge. I'm currently using a cable cast-on. I wonder what other cast-on method I should try?

Yarn: Lily Sugar & Cream in Strawberry Color (I think)
Needles: 4.5mm - US7


1 stitch(es):

KnitnFool said...

I have the same problem with the cloths looking out of shape, and I use the long-tail cast on. I like the way my CO looks but don't like the way the bind off looks. Saw a tip recently that said in order to keep the top and bottom borders the same width as the body of the cloth to use smaller needles for the top and bottom border. This makes sense to me though I haven't tried it yet. Remember though that these are just dishcloths - once they get wet it doesn't matter. You can pull it into a nice enough shape for your pictures, or you could block it if it is a gift that you want to look particularly nice.