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Saturday, October 18, 2008

À qui est ce téléphone?

À qui est ce téléphone? Nous avons réçu nos nouveaux téléphones cellulaires. Sorry for the blurry photo above, I think the camera had trouble focusing on the shiny surface. We received our new cell phones, one purple and one grey. Of course Missy was curious about the contents of the box, so we sat down to open it.

Missy: What's inside the box?
Me: I don't know. Let's open it up and take a look!

We open up the brown box the DHL guy dropped off.

Missy: Ooooh! Cell phones! (she figured this out from the photo on the boxes)

We open the two boxes to look at the phones.

Me: Which one is Daddy's phone?
Missy: That phone! (Missy points to the grey phone)

Me: Which is Mommy's phone?
Missy: Oh, your phone is in your purse!!!

Me: Whose phone is the purple one?
Missy: My phone!!!

J'aime beaucoup le couleur de mon cellulaire, et il semble qu'elle l'aime aussi. I keep wanting to say telefonino (= cell phone in Italian) because I'm reading a book set in Italy and the author uses the word telefonino quite often.
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4 stitch(es):

pdxknitterati said...

My kids didn't get cell phones until they were 14. Miss M is 4? Movin' up! If I were her, I'd want the purple one, too.

smariek said...

Oh no no no! Missy is NOT getting a real working phone until she's MUCH older. Right now she has one of our older cell phones to play with, there is no service attached to it. She uses it to call Zoe and Abby (Sesame Street characters).

CatBookMom said...

LOL at Missy's decision.

I was SO tempted to get one of the new purple iPod Nanos. One of my Friday night knitter friends has the golden yellow one, and it is very much like the previous slender 2GB I had.

TracyKM said...