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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No secrets chez Smariek

Toddlers are versatile creatures. For example, the military can send them into enemy territory to suck out all the energy from the enemy. They are also prime candidates as police informants; they will grass up anyone.

Missy & I decided to pick up a cake for DH's birthday. We were looking at cakes, ice cream pies, and ice cream cakes. Missy said she didn't want anything with ice cream. So we looked at cakes. DH likes chocolate so I chose a small chocolate cake. Then Missy points to a half sheet and says she wants Dora! (nickjr link) It was one of those cakes with Dora character figures on it. Of course she would notice this. That Dora cake could have been way over on the other side of the store and she would have sussed out where it was hiding. I tried reasoning with her and explaining that this cake was for DH, not for her, and she eventually agreed on the chocolate cake. I told her that the cake would be a surprise and not to tell Daddy about it until after dinner.

DH was running late from work. Now what do you think the first thing Missy blurted out from the doorway as DH was walking up to the house?

Missy: Daddy, we got you a cake!

Momentary pause.

Missy: ... with candles!!!!

DH thought this was cute. But still! It was supposed to be a surprise!!!

Missy loved putting candles on the cake, as you can see in the photo above.

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10 stitch(es):

Jean said...

I guess it was a surprise (only the surprise was on you - giggle). These are such precious moments tnat you can draw up from your memories - shared memories with you and your husband that make life richer. Your little girl is full of life unspoiled by outside influences, she is genuine and quite a treasure. You could probably write a book on her antics.

junior_goddess said...

It's so much fun to be the bearer of good news!!!! And CAKE!!!

She did a very nice job with the candles!!

TracyKM said...

We have that same situation here all the time, LOL. Daddy plays a game where he tells one kid a 'secret' and says not to tell. Usually it's that he loves someone, LOL.

CatBookMom said...

Lovely incident, and yes, Missy did a great job with the candles. While the surprise was blown at the door, it was still a gift for your DH, coming with so much excitement from Missy.

stitchin' girl said...

Our kids do that ALL the time!! My husband and I just laugh now when we think we want to try to keep a "secret" :o) I think when they are able to actually keep the secret, we will be a tiny bit disappointed.

Deborah said...

That will go down in "Family History" They all do it, we all have them and they love hearing about it when they get older! My daughter is a lot older, but it takes me down memory lane. "Kids, you just can't beat em"

Chris said...

When my grandaughter was about 3--they were sitting in the living room---a few days before Christmas and she blurted out--"We got you red slippers for Christmas." When her Dad jumped up and said "That's a surprise" She yelled and "pants too." Kids are the greatest. :)

Renna said...

I love the picture with her sweet little hands on the sides of the cake! :-)

I remember when I was young and my dad bought my mom a microwave for Christmas. This was before the days when every home had one. In fact, we knew no one who did have one. My dad thought it would be safe to confide in my little nephew/brother (long story of grandparents adopting granchild to raise). I'll never forget the day my mom came home from shopping and my little nephew/brother ran out the door to greet her shouting "we bought you a microwave for Christmas!". So much for suprises! ;-Þ

hakucho said...

Little kids are so much fun...miss that :)
Happy birthday to your husband!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Children are so precious:)Love the cake.Hugs Darcy