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Monday, October 06, 2008

What Not to Wear


A while back, V turned me onto this show called What Not to Wear and I've been watching it on and off since then. One day they had this woman who wore mostly polo style shirts. The woman had polo shirts in all the colors of the rainbow. OMG, that was me!!! Except that I didn't have horizontal striped shirts like she did. I guess this means I should try to shake off my frumpy "LL Bean" / SAHM look and modernize my wardrobe! My wardrobe pretty much consists of polo shirts, turtlenecks, and khaki pants. I'm making baby steps here as it is slow progress when you don't have $5000 to spend, but I have been shopping lately (hence my Meez in the sidebar with the Mall background) and picked up a few items to put together some new outfits.

I started with a few tops with the "empire" waist that Stacy & Clinton are always promoting. One of my shirts looks similar to the one above. Wow, that empire waist really makes a difference!

Then paired the shirts with some new cotton and denim pants. I am finding that the "petite" pants are still a hair too long for me, so I had to get new shoes with a heel at least 2.5" high (6.35 cm) to wear with the longer length pants. I do have to say that the new pants which sit below the waist feel like they're always falling down!

I already have a pair of dressy pumps that are the right height. Unfortunately they have pointy heels and aren't very comfortable to wear for long periods. I know Stacy loves pointy toe shoes. I just can't do them. So I picked up a more casual shoe, in black, that is somewhat similar in style to the one pictured above.

DH has seen me wear some of my new clothes. His first comment was, "You've been watching too much What Not to Wear!"


I managed to finish all 10 items for the Elann HUGe swap, and I mailed them to Theresa. I packed them in a box and placed neat shipping labels on them and went to the post office. Ah, the wonderful thing about the burbs is that you are the first in line at 5 PM and there may be one other person sauntering in afterwards when you are being helped at the counter. The lady at the PO said shipping for my box was $11.50 and suggested I use the Flat Rate box instead for $9.80. So she ripped open my neatly packed box and transfered the contents to a Flat Rate Box while I hurriedly scribbed down Theresa's address on a new shipping label. I made a mistake rewriting her address but fortunately the lady at the PO caught it. Copyright © Smariek Knits 2005-2008. All full copyright rights are reserved by Smariek Knits. I'm looking forward to showing you what my project is. You've seen bits and pieces of it in photos in my earlier posts, but I never mentioned that they were for the HUGe swap. Bets has posted a teaser photo of her swap items, and I have to wonder whether the things I made are up to par for the swap since this is my first time participating.

Missy woke up at 4:50 AM on Sunday morning to go potty, then she moseyed down the hallway towards the kitchen, opened the pantry and pulled out an Egg Sachima to munch on. The handles on the pantry door are high, but low enough for her to reach up and pull. She has also figured out how to pull a little chair next to the open pantry to get better access to the shelf with all the goodies. As I laid awake hearing all of her noises, I wondered whether she would finish up her little treat and then climb back into bed. Nope. No such luck. She stayed awake. I heard Legos tumbling out of their plastic container. I heard her mumbling in her own language. Needless to say she was a bit tired by early afternoon. Why can't toddlers come with timers that we can set to go to bed by X PM and wake up after Y AM?


11 stitch(es):

Georgi said...

I am soooo glad you are back to English for at least this post, I am having such a hard time trying to figure out the French :-)

Jean said...

Take a look at HSN under the designer Diane Gilman, she has some very nice designs (especially if you are not small waisted) and they look fabulous on. I can shop in Newport Beach in her fashions and look great. I love the easy pay options as well and make use of them regularly. Her petite pants are a little long, but they fit so well. Cute shoes too.

Barbara said...

I wish that show had a sequel where they revisit those people in a year or two.

Anonymous said...

I love that show. And I really like those shoes! I avoid any kind of heel like the plague - but those I might be able to manage with them being a bit wider

Aunt Kathy said...

Yeah, I'll have to watch this show mare once my surgery starts taking effect. Right now my wardrobe consists of nightgowns and bathing suits, lol... maybe I can even get on the show???

Anita O said...

Now I want to go shopping! Back in the day, I would buy at least one new outfit a month. Now I wear T-shirts and sweatshirts and whatever pants I can find that fit. Yep, not a pretty "look".
I'll have to check out the empire waist. I like the look of it, and looks like it can hide unsightly bulges.

Glad you're back to good ol English. I know un petit Francais (2 years in HS). but it's kind of fun to read and try and figure out!

hakucho said...

Glad you are speaking English again. I don't do French at all...if it were German I could try a bit ;)

My wardrobe sounds like it's very much like yours except all winter I live in turtlenecks and sweaters (or fleece) and jeans. Not very exciting...I haven't bought any new outfits in so long...hope you enjoy putting together a new wardrobe...sounds like fun :)

CatBookMom said...

LOL! I can relate. Back in the mid-90s my office went to 7-day 'business casual' attire. Since I rarely saw anyone from outside the office, I defaulted to the khaki/polo shirt look. One of my 20-something co-workers mumbled one day "Not all clothes come from Lands End!". She shopped the Barneys New York Last Call sales and looked fabulous. Not my budget!

Good luck with the revamp of your wardrobe; I'd appreciate tips, lol! PS - Try for pants. I found some models and brands fit well, and at reasonable prices.

junior_goddess said...

I HATE Clint and Stacey. What a bitch, and no kidding, I hate witch shoes. I liked the British version of what not to wear, because they picked lumpy, regular women. Yay you, for picking cute shoes.
(as a matter of fact, British What not to wear was one chat topic VERY early on!)

The only thing I can figure foe Miss M's snack is that it resembles a Rice Krispie it similar?? Mama might have to move mini-boxes of Cheerios onto the snack shelf, you know.

You know that teaser photo? There's actually not much else beyond it! Your hints sent me scrambling all over! ;-) Silly rabbit, don't be scared!

Minnie~Knits said...

I love "What not to Wear!" great tips! I wish I would've signed up for HUGe, I've just been too scattered to accomplish much lately...

Joan said...

I would seriously need a month to shop if I ever had to go anywhere beyond the supermarket or walmart. This from the girl who used to shop at Bergdorf's in NYC. ;-p

I have a "toddler" too, she's 75. Some things will never change. LOL.

Madame, I tagged you. Check it out.