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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anhydrous skin


It is astonishing that this wool does not show a mohair-like halo given the extremely anhydrous skin I have from frequent washing of hands after each and every nose wipe (both mine and Missy's) during this past week. It would constantly snag the wool.

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3 stitch(es):

Jean said...

You poor little thing, have you tried Shea Butter? It comes in a tin the best one I've tried is L'Occitane and their stores sell a small tin of it which is not too expensive. QVC has it is sets. Its great for lips,hand, feet, elbows... and is totally plant based. You only need a little dot of it. Take Care - Lots of chicken soup! If I lived close enought I would have brought you over a pot of it.

hakucho said...

Sounds like you need lots of moisturizer! You guy's HAVE to get well soon!! Hugs :)

TracyKM said...

There are some great recipes on the internet for home made lotions/balms.
I love my ribbed fingerless gloves! How cold does it get there? You have knit way more scarves then I ever have, LOL, and we've needed them already!