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Tuesday, July 03, 2007



I made a few more Papillon Cloths back in May/June. Yes, the two greens are the same color.

The word Papillon (which means "butterfly" in French) always reminds me of Le Papillon restaurant in San Jose where DH & I went for dinner once many many years ago (definitely before baby). DH has dined there at least one other time for some patent award lunch thingamabob at work. We won't be going to too many restaurants like this one in the near future, definitely not with M in tow. Our restaurant choices seem to have changed to family-friendly noisy chain restaurants. M seems to do well in and enjoys dining at: Elephant Bar Restaurant, Mimi's Cafe, The Fish Market, BJ's Restaurant/Brewery, and Macaroni Grill. And of course McDonalds & Burger King.

This cloth is fun to knit and I love how it works well with variegated yarn...


We've been busy with house stuff. Moving boxes. And more boxes. There is still an endless stack of them. Most of my English, French, Latin, & Farsi language books have moved to the new house. Some of my yarn has started the move; I have no idea where my yarn is now. Not that I was ever that organized when it all lived in the old house. Most of the old baby clothes have moved to the new house. All the boxes are piling up in the Family Room. We can't put them in any of the bedrooms because we will have carpeting installed. And we don't want to put them in the Dining Room or Living Room because they face the street and we have no window coverings yet.

We've managed to get carpets ordered and window blinds & shutters ordered. Still don't have a clear ETA on those, but it should be in a few weeks (we hope).

Our stove is expected to arrive this Friday (7/6), and we're hoping to get our water heater installed on the same day. It would just make it easier for us to to drive over to the new house on the same day to get these two things done.

We might purchase a refrigerator tomorrow. DH still has his mind set on Stainless Steel appliances. I've heard that keeping stainless steel clean is a pain, I will have to read up on that.

I'm currently in the process of cleaning & lining the kitchen cabinets and linen closet. The kitchen cabinets aren't anything fancy. I think the previous owners made it their own DIY project because the workmanship and materials are pretty bad. The wood is unfinished, looks like particle board, and it even smells like wood in a not so good way. Shelves are cut at different depths, nails poke out from odd places, etc. I'm thinking of using the cabinet you see above for cookware. It's about the only shelves which will support anything heavy. There are 4 shelves. Don't ask me why they put a wood board backing for the upper 2 shelf sections, but left it white/brown for the backing behind the lower 2 shelf sections. The top 2 shelves are fixed (glued? nailed?) in. That 3rd shelf is adjustable.

One kitchen cabinet smells fishy. Not raw fish fishy, thank goodness. It smells more like the dried fish snacks you find in Chinese markets (the previous owners were Chinese). I'm hoping a vinegar wash will clear it up, I'll find out the next time we go to the house (most likely tomorrow).

We have a more problematic kitchen cabinet, the one you see at the right end in the photo above. It's just one tall/narrow cabinet space, perfect for storing cookie sheets and stuff like that. But that cabinet reeks of garbage!!! I think this is where the previous owners kept their garbage can. We've tried to Lysol it several times and then let it air out, but I can still detect that garbage odor. Yuck! I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with this cabinet. Sigh...


5 stitch(es):

Lisa T said...

There is a stainless steel fridge that has a finger-print resistant finish (but sorry, don't remember which manufacturer.

As for the stinky cabinet, sprinkle liberally with baking soda and leave open to air out. Maybe sprinkle in a few cloves for a masking scent when you're done

Lisa W. said...

re: stinky cabinet...i say sprinkle some clean dry kitty litter and let it sit for a few days, then sweep it out. Alternatively you can use one of those charcoal absorbing deoderizers. Love those papillon washcloths! so soft, so pretty! (thanks a million again...i don't think i ever did get a chance to thank you properly and all!)

Sandra said...

stuff the cabinet with newspaper and charcoal deodorizers, and let it stay that way for a few days. If it's still bad. You will have to paint the inside - I believe there are paints that will seal the wood (or whatever the lining is, and this may kill the odors.

Karen said...

I once lived in a house where the owners had moved out leaving food that rotted in the pantry. I never knew rotten fruit could stink like that. Anyway, I cleaned the shelves with full-strength white vinegar and then sprinkled baking soda over them and left it for a couple of days. It did get the scent out pretty thoroughly.

If that doesn't work, you will have to paint it, but that will eliminate any smell but paint.

Oh, and I've been making a scarf using your dayflower cloth pattern. I'll send a picture as soon as I finish it.

Jude said...

I bought an old dresser - lovely, but had a seriously musty smell in the drawers. I asked around for tips, and put coffee packets (the ones that come in their own filter packets) in there, and shut the drawers for a week. Greatly improved. Good luck, and let us know what you do and if it worked!