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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Playing with Highland Silk

I've started playing around with Highland Silk, it is such a soft yarn, I think I can roll around it that stuff. lol. I'm wishing I could turn my 180 balls of Baby Cashmere & Baby Silk balls into Highland Silk balls ... but I don't think I can pull that off with any amount of prestidigitation. Oh well. This picture shows a much brighter red than it actually is. It's actually a darker red than the skin of a Red Delicious apple.

I have to ask for your opinion. Two questions really...

How wide do you think a scarf should be for a guy? I was playing around with this pattern (which you see in the picture above) and think the cable pattern doesn't look too "girly", but wonder whether the red color and the width, which is just over 6 inches wide, will make it a "girly" scarf. What do you think? Does it need to be wider? I need to figure this out, because I don't want to dig myself into a deeper hole if this turns out to be too narrow and too "girly" of a scarf for a guy. If it's not "manly" enough, I need to frog it and start over again before I spend too much time doing all those cables. I've probably already done 100 cables on the scarf already!

Do you think this scarf pattern is appropriate for a guy? Do you think the scarf is "manly" enough for a guy to wear, especially given its width & color? Will a guy wear this?

If the scarf needs to be wider, I can frog what I have now and cast on more stitches to add some width. But then my concern would be how long I can make the scarf using only 5 balls of Highland Silk. I've never used Highland Silk before so don't really know what kind of mileage I should expect. The nature of cable patterns tend to make the scarf contract some, so I lose some mileage there.

DH took the day off today, so we went to the San Francisco International Auto Show at Moscone Center. We timed it so that we would leave the house at M's naptime, so she would fall asleep on the way. We parked at the garage at 4th & Mission streets, and just waited for her to wake up about an hour afterwards. I worked on the red cable scarf while we were in the garage, and boy was it a challenge to work on those cables in dark. The garage has dim lighting. It's too bad we couldn't find a parking space closer to the outer perimeter to benefit from a little sunlight. I really can't complain about the cables, after all, I'm not even using a cable needle. Too much trouble. Cables still slow me down, even without using a cable needle. I do have to say that the Highland Silk is a bit splitty. While at the car show, I got to sit in a Porsche Cayman, it's such a pretty car. There was a 911 Turbo on a revolving pedestal, couldn't get inside it, but that's a sweet car as well. Didn't see the Targa.

Teatime in a little while... Since we were out and about, I did not make or have any tea at home. I will have some Bigelow Mint Medley tea in a little while, after dinner. This is usually my before bedtime tea, because it is caffeine free.


2 stitch(es):

V. said...

Looks nice S. I think the color and width is fine but maybe the color and pattern combo may make it a little girly. But I can't be sure looking at that little bit on my screen.

Anonymous said...

I think cables are VERY manly! I like a wider scarf on a man, starting at 6 inches, and no light colors, unless it is grey or cream.