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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

30 inches

Here's an updated photo of the red cable scarf I'm knitting for T. It's about 30 inches long, I think. Although it's slow going working all these cables, I find I am really enjoying this pattern. You'd think that I'd get faster at this pattern after knitting it this far, but I am still averaging 2 inches per hour.

Working this cable scarf makes the 3AM Cable Hat I'm working on using DK weight yarn go much faster in comparison. ;-) I've knitted about 2/3 of the hat, I think I'm just going to knit about 5 more rounds, and then start the decrease. This hat is for me. I prefer a fold up brim, so I made it about 3 inches. Yes, it covers the bottom part of the cable pattern when I fold it up. I suppose I could have made it easier by knitting more ribbing and less cables.

You probably noticed that I am knitting my hat using 2 circular needles. I was intimidated by circular knitting, and I don't own any any double point needles. For a while I was collecting hat & sock patterns that were knitted flat. Then someone told me about the 2 circular needle method of knitting in the round. I gave it a try and was converted. Now I only want to knit in the round, and not do any flat knitting for round things. This was confirmed when I knitted the Claudia Hat, which turned out to be very inelegantly done, especially the seaming (which I should learn how to do properly someday).

My right thumb was hurting a few days ago, and there appeared to be a cut in the flesh near where it meets one corner of my fingernail. Where did that come from? I think my thumb grazed a knife while I was hand washing it. It sure did make doing things difficult & painful ... knitting (you'd be surprised how much thumb work in involved in knitting!), washing dishes (even holding a dishtowel to dry dishes was painful!), pushing the buttons on the microwave, and grazing against any surface caused a sharp pain. So I'd try to do some things without the use of my right thumb. Makes me wonder what we'd do without opposable thumbs. My thumb is feeling better today, still painful but more bearable. It hurt like bloody hell during the last 3 days. I think it'll be back to normal in another day or two. I will have to be more careful when washing my knives from now on. And that knife isn't really that sharp as I'm absolutely certain that I have not straightened the edges of or sharpened my knives since M was born. It must have been either the 6" chefs knife or the 8" chefs knife, as those are the two knives I use most often.

Teatime ... I've been drinking Lupicia 7005 Huang Jin Gui Oolong today. M likes to drink tea too, and will ask for it. She says, "tay," or "tee." I think she knows that tea is nice and warm ... something more desirable now that it is cold over here. We're in the mid-40s tonight (~ 7 to 8ºC).


7 stitch(es):

Les said...

Marie - your hat and scarf are looking beautiful! I want to knit one of your 3am hats and have a skein of Alpaca I bought when I went to Alice's. The skein comes from an alpaca named Evita and has her beautiful face on the tag!!

junior_goddess said...

We would have no snacks without opposable thumbs. I'm pretty sure I know people without them, actually.

I think I'll drink orange spice Stash today!

mzundercover said...

i love love love the red cabled scarf... is it an original pattern? if not, where'd ya find it?

happy knitting!


smariek said...

MZ: The red cable scarf is my own design. I will share the pattern here on my blog when I get around to typing it up from my notes. :-)

Bets: About the opposable thumbs, you're right about the snacking. That would be a great loss indeed, lol.

Les: Alpaca ... I'm struggling over that DB alpaca silk that came out today... sigh. I really don't need more yarn!

TracyKM said...

You know, I used to sell knives. A dull knife is a dangerous knife. A cut from a sharp knife will also heal faster as it tend to be less jagged :)

And, if you lose a thumb, you can actually claim disability insurance. It's worth more than losing an ear.

Oh, and Megan can't open the fridge yet...I tend to leave it open rather than fight to get her out of it after I open it. I just try not to leave anything baby unfriendly on the bottom, LOL.

And...I love the red scarf. Love it!

V. said...

Scarf looks lovely!

smariek said...

V: We have to get together after you return from Paris/Brussels so I can show you how to do cables. You'll laugh when you find out how easy they are! :-D After that I'll show you how to do hats on 2 circulars. Then you'll have no excuse not to knit a cable hat. ;-)