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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dabbling in crochet

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon at V's place where she gave a stamping class. We made four projects, a box and some cards. It was pretty fun. You might consider attending one of V's stamping classes if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area The box was really cool, but requires a bit of math to make. It's a good thing V was there to make it a whole lot easier, especially with marking the paper scorer so we didn't have to figure out where to score the paper. I'll have to add a photo later, can't go take a picture right now since M is napping in the same room where my completed projects are.

Afterwards, T taught me how to crochet. We made a chain and did single crochet. It looks so easy, and there is only one stitch to keep track of really, unlike knitting where you have a higher probability of losing many stitches. And you definitely get more mileage out of crocheting, so I see how it goes much faster than knitting. I will have to practice crocheting a bit and then try making a hat. Perhaps I'll get more "hat" shaped hats with crocheting than I do with knitting.

T is a very talented woman, she makes her own beads and jewelry! You can see one of her bead stitch markers in this post here. The picture doesn't really do it justice, the stitch marker is absolutely gorgeous when you see it in person. Here's a picture of one of the rings she made.

Not making much progress in knitting. I'm still working on a Garterlac dishcloth, it's been in the works for over a month now. I've made this cloth before and it wasn't that difficult to do, however I find it challenging to concentrate on it with all the short rows & turning involved. It's much faster to knit lace and cables, than to knit anything with short rows. I don't think I would ever manage to finish any entrelac style scarves or stoles (like the Lady Eleanor Stole).

Teatime ... I made a pot of Lupicia 5224 Lichee tea today. I always associate lichee black tea with the computer game The Sims because I used to drink a lot of lichee tea when I used to play the game, this was years ago, definitely before baby. I also associate Bath & Body Works White Tea & Ginger lotion with The Sims because I used that a lot back then too. That's the funny thing about scents & flavors..


4 stitch(es):

Les said...

Sounds like the papercraft day was fun! Will look forward to seeing the project! Wow, that's a great ring as is the stitch marker! So little time to try it all ~ tempting tho!

junior_goddess said...

Wow-I'd like to hang out with you and your friends! Sounds like fun!

V. said...

S - it was fun having you join in. Hope you will come again. Love that ring you picked out and such a good job with the photography.

smariek said...

I'm surprised the photo came out that clear. Do you know how hard it is to try to hold a camera steady with one hand?