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Monday, November 06, 2006

Knitting hats in the round

Someone left a comment on my 3AM Cable Hat post inquiring about whether this hat was "worked on straight needles, DPN's or circular needles" and I thought I'd answer the question here. Plus I've answered this question many times in email, well not this specific question, but questions about whether my other hats are knitted in the round or flat, how did I do it, etc.

All my hats, except for the Claudia Hat, are knitted in the round using the 2 circular needle technique. You can find step-by-step instructions here: I used to be intimidated by patterns which were knitted in the round until someone pointed out this technique. I gave it a try, and now I can't go back to flat knitting of round objects. The only reason the Claudia Hat is knitted flat is because I'm not savvy enough to figure out how to do it in the round; this hat is knitted flat and then seamed in the end (a major PITA!).

Going forward, when I post a new hat pattern, I will try to remember to explicitly state whether it is knitted in the round... :-)

My "flat" knitted hat patterns:
Claudia Hat

My hat patterns knitted in the round:
3AM Cable Hat
Asherton Hat (adult)
Asherton Hat (toddler)
Cap Karma Hat


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junior_goddess said...

!!!! My little brother worked with the lady who owns Noe Knits. They worked together at McKinsey! I've looked at the store website, she seems to be doing things right!