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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Potato Chips

Last month, the Little One told me she wanted to stop by Tuesday Morning to look for something for her grandpa for Father's Day. She got this idea from an earlier trip there when she found a nice plaque to give her grandma for Mother's Day. So off to Tuesday Morning we went. Upon walking into the store we were confronted by some yarn sitting on a shelf at the end of the aisle closest to the door. I had to take a look since it was right in front of me. There were balls in a handful of pretty colors. I had no idea what kind of yarn it was because the store slapped on a price sticker over the front, covering the name of the yarn and other important details. The Little One picked out the only 2 green balls (green is her current favorite color) and asked me to knit her a "feather boa". Hmmm, um ok, we'll just pick up these 2 balls and figure out what to make with them later.

After taking these home, I carefully peeled off the price sticker to find out what kind of yarn we got. Louisa Harding Ianthe. Never heard of it. 50% extra fine merino, 40% cotton. 110 yards per ball. Looks like DK weight yarn.  Ok what can we make with 220 yards of yarn?

She wanted a "feather boa". The closest thing I could come up with was a Potato Chip Scarf. It's kinda sorta like a "feather boa", don't you think? (Use a little imagination) I was skeptical after knitting a few repeats of the scarf. It didn't look like much. It didn't even seem to ruffle or curl. But I kept going and it started to look better. I don't know how long this scarf will be in the end, but I think it will be OK since it is a "skinny" scarf.

I like this yarn. Someone told me that $3.99/ball was a good price. I should have picked up a few more balls in other colors. Oh well, too late now.

I'm a bit out of practice knitting. It's been more off than on in recent years due to various reasons (health, busy life, etc). I would really like to get back to knitting more regularly, especially when I have a lifetime supply of yarn I need to work through.



4 stitch(es):

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that you have a case of SABLE (stash aquired beyond life expectancy). Almost every knitter I know suffers from this malady. I think we must contract the virus when we touch that first skein of merino. Lovely yarn, would Tuesday Morning not have it if you visit again? I am sure the daughter will be pleased with the Potato Chips.

Unknown said...

Oh no. Tuesday Morning has yarn? *sigh* There's one within walking distance. I'm doomed...

auntiemichal said...

Ravelry has 12 matches for free patterns for a knitted Potato Chip Scarf! Can you tell us which pattern, maybe even with a link, you're using? That scarf looks like it has possibilities! TIA

And yes, Tuesday Morning usually has a little bit of yarn that is seldom a knitter's household name. LOL

Anonymous said...

I have SO missed your postings! Your patterns are gorgeous and I have knitted almost ALL of your scarves for my nieces and nephews. Each scarf is presented with a simple beret and mittens. It has been a joy and they are treasured. Thank you so much for the effort you put into your patterns and making the directions one stitch at a time. I too prefer that over a diagram. Thank you Thank you. I hope you are continuing in good health and family. Regards-Jamie