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Friday, May 08, 2009

To the Pond and back


Pair 5 Sock 2 is coming along nicely compared to Sock 1, despite a trip back to the pond.

Pair 5 Sock 2 64 sts 2.75mm

I've started Sock 2 of Practice Pair 5. You saw Sock 1 here. Of course I had to take this opportunity to try something different. I decided to give SRH another try. This would be my 2nd try after my first failed attempt with pink sock Pair 2. Since the SRH came out short with the pink sock, I decided to compensate by knitting the foot longer before starting the SRH. I should have stuck to this, but noooooo, I had to add one more change. I also increased 12 sts before starting the SRH (incr 2 st ev other rnd). And I worked the SRH until I had 12 sts left in the center before turning aronud.

SRH 1st attempt

My sock looked like this after completing the whole SRH dance. My sock looks weird, huh?

SRH (1st attempt) over 44 sts

Here's a close up look at the heel. Notice how the back protrudes in an odd way? Yeah, that's the problem. Perhaps it'll be more obvious when you see it on my foot.

SRH 1st attempt

SRH 1st attempt

There is way too much fabric behind my heel! I pressed the excess down so you could see it better. Well, it's time for me to pay a visit to the froggies at the pond...

I'm not sure where I went wrong. Surely it was a combination of working SRH on 44 sts instead of 32 sts, plus starting the SRH later in the foot. I had knit the foot for 7" before starting the SRH. Perhaps I should have stopped at 6" or 6.5" instead.

So what might have made this SRH work?

-- Knit foot for 6" to 6.5" before starting SRH? (knit shorter foot and make no stitch increases)
-- Knit foot for 6" to 6.5" AND increasing 12 sts before starting SRH? (knit shorter foot and make stitch increases)
-- Knit SRH until there are16 or 18 sts left in the center? (instead of 12 sts)

I dunno. All I am certain of is that this SRH is not going to work for me. I am not wearing a sock with excess flab hanging off the heel.

Deux heures plus tard

I can't believe it took me 2 hours to fix my SRH. I didn't know how to stick a needle through my SRH (like a "lifeline", see links in sidebar under Knitting Resources section) because of the extra stitches hanging off to left & right of the center stitches. So I ended up tinking back, one stitch at a time. It was a slow process, especially when the yarn would sometimes "stick" to adjacent strands.

SRH 2nd attempt

I brought it back to 18 center sts (I think) before turning around to go forward again. I think I could have gone another 2 sts (to 20 sts) for an even snugger fit. But I am happy with this 2nd attempt, and am not going to tink back again. I can see this will fit better than the 1st attempt.


I am sad to see my favorite yarn from E going away for good. This became my favorite DK weight yarn after they discontinued the Highland Silk. E is having a bag sale on the remainder of their stock and they have remaining single balls here. Only 3 colors left in bags; they started with only 5 colors, so you missed the cream and purple. I've made 10 scarves from this yarn (this one in regency rose and ruby; this one in ruby; this one and that one in tapestry blue; this one in cafe au lait; this one in irish moss; this one in viola phlox; this one in merlot; and this one in capri blue. So I guess I really liked this yarn! Sigh... now I need to find a replacement (nevermind that I had already stocked up on quite a bit over the years and don't need more DK weight yarn).

I am nearly finished with this historical fiction and I find myself slowing down a bit because I know that it does not end well for the protagonist.

I've been plagued by allergies lately. They have never been this bad before. I've been taking B in recent weeks, but then discovered that it was making me drowsy; I had forgotten this little detail. Today I am trying out C instead, which is non-drowsy and lasts for 24 hours! I still had a runny nose for a little while after taking C, however I noticed I didn't have as many sneezing fits. Well that's an improvement! I should go outside and pull weeds right now, although I don't really want to "test" how well C is doing with my allergies. The K tissue company should be happy that I am helping to keep them in business...

Time to do another load of laundry, have some lunch, and return books to the library. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Just a couple of pics of a ladybug I found crawling on my kitchen floor. The odd thing is that this ladybug has no spots! It was hard for my camera to focus on something so tiny, so the pics aren't very clear. It seemed easier to take a photo of the other ladybug from June 2008. I let him crawl around in my kitchen for a little bit, and then I scooped him up and placed him outside where he may find things more interesting.

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9 stitch(es):

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I once had a heel with a *nipple* on the end. I kept trying to ignore it, but alas, it was all too obvious. Frogged the heel.

Your second attempt looks like a good fit!

I read Innocent Traitor recently, and I was really upset at the end. Even though I knew what was coming. DH just read Team of Rivals, and he was really upset at the end. Even though he knew what was coming. History!

Radu Butarascu said...

All you ever wanted to know about ladybugs. It even answers the spots question. :)

Jean said...

I had trouble with this type of heel before, it went to the frog pond. I usually stick to a heel flap now and I like the top down style of knitting. (Although the stockings that I will knit will be toe up). I've been desperately trying to find Rowan 4ply soft locally, I did locate it in a store about 30 miles away in Santa Monica. Have a great weekend.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Been there did the to long heel mine looked like a saggy you fill in the blanks;)I love the lady bug pictures wow no spots what a rebel bug.Hugs Darcy

junior_goddess said...

Ok, sock heel girl. Love Mrs. Bug.

Jennifer said...

Le Jour de Mère Heureuse!

And Happy Knitting as well.

Unknown said...

I love short row heels!
I have discovered a way that works for me. I can't keep track of wrap and turns, so I just do the Japanese short row heel. Very quick and easy, and it fits me perfect.
I usually leave 12-14 stitches unworked in the middle before I do the turn.
the main difference I found with short row and heel flap is you have a lot more of the foot to knit after doing the short row. With the heel flap, you knit at least a few inches after the decreases in the gusset.
Your socks look great!!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I have a special award for you on my blog:)(((Hugs))) Darcy

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say how much I love your patterns, they are absolutely gorgeous! So intricate, and sophisticated, yet elegant too. I can't wait to start knitting!

Katherine :)