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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Écharpe Torsade Ezra

Voilà, une nouvelle écharpe torsade, modèle dessous...

Écharpe torsade Ezra

Modèle: Ezra Cable Scarf
Laine: Elann Luxury Merino Superwash, Viola Phlox
Aiguille: 5mm (US8)

Cette écharpe est facile à tricoter. Le motif est en fait composé de courtes sections de torsades qui commencent et se terminent. Ce n'est pas un modèle exceptionnel, mais il est peu intéressant si on est ennuyé de faire des rayures. Les mecs doivent aimer cette écharpe comme cette écharpe n'est pas trop féminene. Les pseudo-rayures font une écharpe douce et « scrunchable ». L'écharpe, avant bloquage, est d'environ 18 cm de large et 148 cm de long (7" x 58").

Écharpe torsade Ezra

Je ne sais pas pourquoi l'écharpe est rose dans les photos. La laine est violet, comme cet échantillon:

Couleur Viola Phlox


Ezra Cable Scarf Pattern:
Ezra Scarf Pattern from and Ezra Scarf Chart from (no registration required, just click on link & save file)

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St. Albans Valentine Cable Scarf: Peruvian Luxury Merino Superwash
100% Machine Washable Fine Merino Wool
21-22 st/4 inches 3.75-4.0 mm (US 5-6)
112 m (122 yards) per 50g (1.75 oz) ball
$3.98 USD per ball

Stitches used in the Ezra Cable Scarf include:
Unnamed Cable Pattern from Beautiful Knitting Patterns, pg 48

Copyright © Smariek Knits 2005-2008. All full copyright rights are reserved by Smariek Knits.

10 stitch(es):

Allison said...

Merci for nominating me! Right back at you! I love your new scarf too - it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

J'aime beaucoup ce blog alors quels petites corrections
En français
Cable se dit torsade
Strie se dit rayure
débloquée se dit "avant bloquage"
pour fussy, plusieurs traductions possibles : cette écharpe n'est pas trop féminine ou tarabiscotée ou précieuse ou mièvre!
Bonne continuation

Jean said...

I tried to leave a comment in French, but I wasn't sure that it would make sense, so pardon the English (LOL). I love the pink of this scarf and the design would be very slenderizing as well as elongating. This would be an especially great scarf on a petite person. Have you thought of creating a shop on Etsy or maybe Ebay? (Just an idea, I would have a difficult time selling my knitted goods, I make them with such loving care with someone in mind each time)

Georgi said...

This is a pretty scarf, I am going to try it, as a gift for Christmas. I just received an order from Elann (they are very fast) and I think it was the correct wool for this. Thank you!

Acornbud said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Cactusneedles said...

Very pretty scarf! You do great work with cables!

Anonymous said...

Love the new scarf pattern but, please, please, please, back to English.

Suzann said...

I love the new scarf. Sorry no French, I can barely speak English :-)
And missy did you see the scarf in the new Vogue Holiday issue? Cabled, but not as pretty as any of yours. Pleaseeeeeeeeee submit one of your designs to someone!

smariek said...

Isabelle: Merci beaucoup pour les corrections. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your cable scarf patterns! They are absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to try one out!