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Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Pattern: Shadow Scarf (see below)
Yarn: Elann Highland Wool, autumn peach, 5 balls
Needle: 4.5 mm (US7)
Blocked size: 8.5 in x 67 in (21.5 cm x 170 cm)

This is cable scarf #9 in my series of cable scarves, knit with about 4.5 balls of Elann Highland Wool in autumn peach color. It's not really my color, so the scarf is definitely not for me. This is not even a color I would normally gravitate towards when shopping for yarn. However I was compelled to choose this color because it got so very tiresome knitting in the same colors all the time, viz. the pinks, purples, blues, and greens. This was exactly the change my eyes needed.

At first I wasn't sure whether this pattern from HG5 would work out well for a scarf, but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with it after knitting a few repeats of the pattern. It's a simple cable pattern that would work well as a "manly" scarf. And there aren't so many different types of cable crossings in this scarf to make it a daunting knitting project. If you don't like the cables twisting towards the left, you can make them twist towards the right by replacing CF6 with CB6.

Blocking the scarf will help prevent edge curl. I didn't block the scarf aggressively, it was 20.5 cm x 154 cm (8 in x 60.5 in) before blocking and 21.5 cm x 170 cm after blocking (8.5 in x 67 in).


Shadow Scarf Pattern:
Shadow Scarf Pattern from (no registration required, just click on link & save file)


Stitches used
in this scarf include:
Pattern # 24.24, HG5 pg 62
Seed Stitch, BW1 pg 11

Elann Highland Wool yarn info:
100% Highland Wool
Machine Wash, Dry Flat
19 st / 4 inches, 4.0 - 4.5 mm (US6-7)
100 m (109 yards) per 50 gm (1.75 oz) ball

7 stitch(es):

Acornbud said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Another scarf! Marie you really did a great job on this one. I love it.

Ghislaine said...

De toute beauté! Marie, Queen of Cabled Scarves, strikes again :)

TracyKM said...

NINE?!! I don't think I've knit 9 scarves in my LIFE!! (And two recently were done on the machine!). How do you do it? They are all very nice :)

Anonymous said...

How is it possible that your scarves become more and more beautiful? You really need to stop - I already have quite of few of them on my list.

Allison said...

Wow you are amazingly prolific in your goregous scarves. My "to do" list gets longer every time I visit your blog!

hakucho said...

As always...another beauty :)