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Thursday, March 27, 2008



Pattern: Paquin Cable & Bobble Scarf (see below)
Yarn: Filati Italian Collection Tebe Extrafine Merino, color 15028, 4 balls
Needles: 4.0 mm (US6)
Finished size, blocked: 83" x 9" (211 cm x 23 cm)

Here's Scarf #7 in my series of cable scarves. Notice the theme in my naming scheme? Yeah, I'm not very original when it comes to names. I've been trying to type up this pattern since February. Things on this end are moving like molasses on a cold winters day. Besides my personal issues, not feeling very well and some hand/wrist/arm issues (due to knitting? typing?), Miss M has also decided to give up on her afternoon naps. This means I have to entertain her instead of getting a little break during the day. Oh well, I knew it would eventually happen, I just wish it didn't happen so soon. I do wish she was better at playing independently when I'm around; she does that fine when DH is watching her (and I am out of the house). She's always been extra clingy around me.

The scarf is knit in two halves, each half knit from edge to center and then grafted together at the center using Kitchener Stitch (see here for directions, or here for video), because I had symmetry issues and wanted the pattern to look right-side-up when both ends are hanging in front. I normally hate seaming, but my desire for symmetry won out. I had to bang my head against the wall when I was attaching the 4th ball and finally realized that I was using 100% wool and could have spit spliced 2nd ball. That doesn't mean that I only had 6 ends to weave in. I actually had more because I found 3 knots out of 4 balls. I was not too happy about those odds. And of course, 2 of those knots occurred before I realized I could just spit splice them. This is one of many places that can show you how to spit slice.

This was my first time working with this yarn. It is listed as DK weight yarn but feels on the lighter/thinner end to me, almost like sport weight. It's definitely lighter than any of the other DK weight yarns I've worked with. This is really soft yarn, which is expected of "merino" wool. I love it. I just wished I had bought more of it. One thing that surprised me was how much it stretched after blocking. My scarf was 69 inches x 7 inches before blocking, I thought that was a good length when I stopped knitting it. I knew it might stretch a bit during blocking, but never imagined that it would stretch to 83 inches x 9 inches!!! It is way longer than I intended it to be. Must remember in the future that this yarn stretches like crazy.

Oh, I have to share this photo of the scarf blocking because it shows the quilting pins I picked up to use as blocking pins. See those little round yellow pin heads? Those are my new blocking pins. Melanie suggested wrapping some pins in a damp paper towel to test for rustproofness. They did pass the damp paper towel test. Yay! The rusty T-pins I used to use are getting tossed out.

Paquin Scarf Pattern
Paquin Scarf Pattern from (no registration required, just click on link & save file)
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Stitches used in this scarf include:
Pattern 180, NKSL pg 117
Seed Stitch, BW1 pg 11


Yarn Info:
Filati Italian Collection Tebe Extrafine Merino
100% Extrafine Merino Wool
Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
23 st/4 inches 3.75 mm (US 5)
140 m (153 yards) per 50g (1.75 oz) ball
$6.95 USD


14 stitch(es):

Anonymous said...


NightOwlKnits said...

Wow! That is what popped out of my mouth when I saw the photo of your scarf this morning. Beautiful work Marie!

Rachel said...

WOW! That looks amazing! I love the cable pattern you chose for this one!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!

Grace said...

Marie you have to find a way to have your work published professionally, you truly have a gift for design for such a novice knitter, I am so very impressed!

hakucho said...

Very pretty :)

qusic said...

this scarf is awesome,tickles my fingers to knit it immediately, have to finish my quilt wip first, but then I will knit it in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, colourway has to be discussed first:)(with me and my stash)
Thank you for your very inspirational knitting patterns
what about a scarf book, I would sign up for it.

TracyKM said...

How do you find the time?! I've resorted to knitting patterns 'as is' cause I just can't find the time to experiment, let alone write patterns up!
I think it's time Miss M went to an afternoon pre-school. Or maybe going to a morning one would make her nap again? That's what I did with my kids when naptime stopped, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Marie, that is another beauty! Glad I stopped by today. Sorry about your hands; take it easy!


Caroline said...

I love the pattern and the color your chose to use too.

Nan said...

Holy Cow! This is gorgeous! You are so very talented! I Love it! Thanks for sharing your masterpiece with us!

Suzann said...

What a beautiful beautiful pattern. You just keep topping yourself. By the way, I have seem several links to your patterns at Knitters Review

Unknown said...

Absolutely love this scarf! I just find the design so feminine, delicate and exquisitely intricate :)
I've included it in a blog post of mine here:

Have a great day

Unknown said...

I love this pattern! The design is just so breathtakingly exsquisite and feminine :)
I've included it as a feature pattern in my own blog here: