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Sunday, December 03, 2006

WIPs for 12/3/2006

I was working on a second hat using the big ball of varigated blue yarn, using a different pattern from the first hat I made with it, but found that it looked the same. I couldn't distinguish the knit/purl pattern, although they were clearly different, because all I saw was the striping of the blue yarn. So I frogged that hat, and have started another hat using solid colored yarn.

I'm still working the cable scarf for T, I'm on the 4th ball, so it must be getting close to 40 inches long. I'm guessing. I haven't measured it again since the last time. I guess I'm in a cable phase...

Sigh... and I'm still working on that Garterlac dishcloth I started centuries ago...

I've discovered that M has taken a liking to knitting. No, she's not knitting or learning to knit... not yet, she's only 20 months old. I've been keeping some of my knitting bags on the piano bench by the fireplace. She normally doesn't show any interest in them & leaves them alone for the most part. But lately she has been picking up the bags -- she loves little bags with handles on them -- and walking all over the place while holding them, and sometimes she'd even pull the yarn out and make a bit of a mess. :-( I kept my knitting bags in the living room so that I could squeeze in a row or two while M was engrossed in The Wiggles. I'm running out of high surfaces to move stuff onto. :-(

I finally sat down to organize some of the knitting blogs I like to read. Discovered Google Reader thanks to Gaile. This sure makes things a whole lot easier. :-) Learned something disturbing about Blogger, from an Elannite who discarded her old blog url to take up a new url. Apparently some blog bot took over the old url, and it now redirects to a very "colourful" website. Eeks!

Here's a picture of M ... yes, she's in her stroller! She hated the stroller for the longest time, but now she seems OK with it. She's wearing the hat I made her for this winter. The hat I made last year no longer fits her head.

I can't believe I spent over an hour (maybe two? I stepped away from the computer for a long while) to defrag my hard drive. Why does something like this have to take such a long time. I wanted to defrag my hard drive before installing The Sims & all 7 expansions. No, I won't really have time to play this computer game, but it's nice to know that the game is already installed on the computer in the event that I may have time to play it in the future. Installing the game gives me hope that I may someday get to play it...


4 stitch(es):

junior_goddess said...


Lisa W. said...

What a doll she is. (And i like her pink hat too!)

CatBookMom said...

M is so very cute, and it's clear from her mischievous expression why you have trouble keeping up with her! Thanks for sharing the photo.

Anonymous said...

I love the new hat, can't wait to try it. I've loved all your dishcloths I've tried so far. How do you find time to knit so many things? I can't seem to get anything done with my 2-yr-old.