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Monday, December 25, 2006

Mitten woes... off to the frog pond...

Ok, do you need a good laugh? Well, I'm obviously too stupid to do something as simple as this mitten pattern. Something is definitely not right with this. The mitten is as long as my hand(! ... except that I can't try it on because the cuff section is too narrow for me), and it's supposed to be a small "Kindergarden through second grade" size mitt. I must not be able to follow instructions, and I know where I goofed:

Knit first thumb stitch, slip onto the end of the needle with the body stitches (needle 3, or the one to your right) Slip middle 10-10-12 stitches onto waste yarn, cast on 2-2-3 stitches, knit these 2-2-3 stitches, the last thumb stitch, and knit around. Work even until 4-4.5-5 inches.
I knitted around and around for 4 inches, measuring from the point where I slipped 10 stitches onto waste yarn. Now that I look at the mitten, I'm thinking the designer meant 4 inches from where the cuff ends (where it changes from K2P1 ribbing to stockinette stitch) cuz it can't possibly be from the edge of the cuff.


6 stitch(es):

Anonymous said...

aww! the bottom of the mitten looks really good, you can probably just frog it down to 4in from the top of the cuff, right? it's an easy mistake to make... don't get yourself too down about it! : )

jayne said...

Was this desperation knitting? You posted on the 25th.

It looks great except too long -- betcha it can be fixed. Hope you had a good Christmas.

junior_goddess said...

Hey! Come visit me, I tagged you for a meme!

Your mitten ordeal is scaring me, because I plan to start a pair today. Now I have mitten-fright!

Pam said...

Your hats are beautiful and the directions are very good. I am making two hats at once (novice that I am) and they are coming along very well. Do you have a pattern with good illustrations and directions for knitting a hat from the top to bottom on those "needles of death" dpn? If so could you post it. The instructions I have tried to use are confusing. Please help!
Have a Happy New Year!!!

Vamanta said...

I have mittens like those, Marie. I call them my potholders. LOL.

Vamanta said...

BTW I offered to knit mittens for my niece recently but she "no thanks, I've seen your handknit mittens". Brat. They are indeed the size of huge potholders. I never tried them again but I'd like to make a felted pair....idea for you?? You could felt your oversized ones.