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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Answering questions

I just thought I'd take this time to catch up with responding to comments & questions..

Calamintha: Took a lookie, and didn't find anything about Gamma Resolution in my Display properties. Anyhows, I've slapped on the Sony image, and am able to press Fn-F5 to adjust the brightness of my LCD. The weird thing is that it didn't quite "stick" for a while, meaning, I would reboot and the brightness would be cranked up way high again. I'd just readjust it again whenever I booted up. And then one day my dimmer brightness setting finally "stuck", and it's been properly set ever since. I just don't get these computers...

CatBookMom: Yes, mischievious at times. But "duplicitous" comes to mind often too. lol. She's such an angel in front of everybody else, I don't think people believe me when I tell them about the "real" M.

Julie: Glad you like the Asherton scarf. I will be posting the pattern to the cable scarf soon. Like you, most of my knitting goes to other people. But it's ok to treat yourself too. I just made myself a hat, and I love wearing it. I think I'll make a matching scarf... hopefully before winter is over. I'm a slow knitter, due to knitting slowly and having limited knitting time with a toddler around.

Junior Goddess: Bets, the only yarn I have with alpaca is Baby Cashmere. That would make a nice hat indeed! I'll have to give that a try to see if I have wool sensitivity. Thanks for the idea...

Lea: Hope your friend in Italy likes the scarf. As for a next project, how about cable scarf I'm currently working on? I'll be posting the pattern soon. Have you seen the cable hat I recently made for myself? I think it would be appropriate for a guy.

Slyn: Glad you like my cloths. Sometimes I wonder whether anyone is even interested in the cloths I knit, because they're kinda odd in some ways, since they're not your standard "picture" cloth.

I don't really feel like I have knitted much, then I look at my blog and realize that I have accomplished something during the year. That's my main purpose in blogging, a place where I can go see what I have managed to do despite having a "high needs" toddler clinging to me most of the day. She doesn't really let me do anything in her presence cuz that means she doesn't have 100% of my attention, so no playing on the computer, no reading, no knitting, etc. Sigh. :-( But I do manage to squeeze in a few rows while she is watching The Wiggles. And most of my knitting seems to be done in the car while she is napping since she won't nap at home with me. She's a funny girl. DH will ask her if she wants to nap. She's answer in her affirmative grunt. He'll pick her up, and she'll immediately plop her head down on his shoulder. She'll eventually doze off and he can lay her down for her nap. That doesn't work for me. So we usually end up driving... :-(

How do you manage to knit with your 2 yr old? Do share any tips you have!!!

TracyKM: No, I haven't washed the hat yet, too eager to wear it. :-) Ok, I guess I should throw it into the wash. I guess I can live without it for a day....

Hat decreases are always a challenge for me. I think I'll eventually get the hang of it after knitting a few hundred more hats, lol. I will keep your method in mind. Thanks!

TracyKM: I assumed a dull knife would be safer. Who woulda thunk? I guess I should dig out my edge straightener.


Haven't done much knitting today. M was particularly clingy today, and it was a long, tiring day for me. I think I may even go to bed early. Have another idea in my head for my next hat. Well actually, I have several ideas in mind, it's just too bad I can only knit so fast... :-( I'll try the big blue ball of yarn again. I can't believe I've only knitted one and a half hats with it (the quinquevulnera hat, and the half hat I frogged), and I am already sick of that yarn. But I will try to work through the whole ball. Still need to make more hats for Cap Karma...

I'm planning on making some mittens for M. I thought I'd use US8 needles, and spent some time looking around for 2 of them. I only found one. Tore the house inside out looking for another one, since I would need 2 circs to knit in the round, and then realized that I only have the one free US8 needle after checking my needle inventory (which I had forgotten about). The other 3 are being used for other things. Dontcha hate when that happens? I really need to get more US8 needles. And I guess I could use more US7 needles too. Oh well, no big deal, I've found another mitten pattern that uses smaller needles which I do have... now it's just a matter of sitting down and trying it out. I've never made mittens before...


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