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Friday, December 08, 2006

Thinking about Knitting Resolutions

Since the year is almost over, I have started to think about Knitting Resolutions. Anyone else do this? Here are some things I'm thinking about...

-- Weave those ends in!
I am not very good at weaving in ends immediately after finishing something. It usually sits around for weeks (ok, even months) before I get around to it. I am going to try to weave those ends in right away.

-- Learn something new
I want to learn at least one new thing ... either a new technique, or knitting something I haven't knit before. I'm thinking of knitting fingerless mitts or socks. Other than hats, everything else I make are simple squares & rectangles. It would be an interesting challenge to knit something with a bit more shaping involved.

-- Get an early start on Christmas gifts
Yes, I am not going to wait until the last minute. Yeah, this one will be a great challenge.

-- Get an early start on Cap Karma chemo caps
This one is a little easier. I don't know why, but I find doing the charity knitting easier than knitting for people I know. Why is that?


Here's a pic of something I'm playing around with. I took 3 different cables and threw them into a hat. I know it's hard to see anything on this variegated blue yarn. Sorry about that. The more I work with this yarn, the more I dislike it. Nothing really shows up well on it. And I still have so much more of this yarn!

Teatime ... today I am drinking Yamamotoyama Genmai Cha. It's one of my favorite teabag green teas. They have loose leaf tea also.

Gotta go ... the boss is calling...


2 stitch(es):

Ali in Atlanta said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm using your Asherton reversible scarf pattern with black cashmere and no. 3 needles. This scarf looks FABULOUS but omg is it complicated for someone who hasn't knit since childhood!! I find that in order to keep from messing it up I need complete silence so I can count...which means I can't knit at home with the two kids, two dogs, two cats and hubby but must knit at work on my lunch hour.

I must admit that I've cursed this pattern more than once as my fingers get more and more sore from the yarn and these teeny blasted metal needles!!

Thanks a million and I'll post a picture of the finished product if you like.

Ali in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

If you are looking to knit some FABULOUS mitts, I have a fantastic pattern for double-knit mittens. They seem to take me forever, but they are slip-stitch, so double thick and double warm! They are also knit on two needles, instead of on the round, which I like in my mittens.

Let me know if you're interested and i can send you the file.