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Monday, September 11, 2006

5 + 5 = 9


According to the nutrition label on one of the Sara Lee bread packages, one slice of bread gives you 5 grams of fiber, and two slices of bread gives you 9 grams. Yeah, there's some funny rounding going on there.

I was never very good at math, and I know I'm not good at it now. I've been working on a hat for my 17 month old girl during the last few months and I just finally reached the decrease section when I realized that I had cast on more stitches than I had intended. Doh! And if that wasn't bad enough, if I were to finish up the hat with the number of stitches actually cast on, then the 2 sections in the hat are a bit short. The first section, a K1P1 ribbing, should be 14.5 cm instead of 12 cm. The second section, a stockinette section, should be 12 cm instead of 10 cm. I am not inclined to rip back to the end of the first section so I can add 2.5 cm of K1P1 ribbing on 3.25 mm needles. So I guess I should keep the shorter 12 cm second section too, and just bind off using the algorithm for the actual number of stitches on my needles.... and see how the hat turns out. It'll be a short and wide hat, I'm guessing.

I can't believe I cast on too many stitches. And I even counted them again after I cast on. Definitely lost some brain cells along the way....


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