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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

gas prices today


Today I drove by this gas station selling gas for $2.49 and $2.73.

The price at the gas station which has the red sign which you've been seeing on my blog lately is selling gas for $2.49 and $2.69.

And Costco (the white sign in recent blog posts) is selling gas for $2.27 and $2.57.

Yep. Prices have fallen a few more pennies. Perhaps it is time for a road trip! :-D Missy keeps telling me that she wants to go back to Monterey. She really enjoyed our last trip to Monterey & Carmel.

I've got lots of house work and errands to run tomorrow, but I will try to find some time to un-pin my latest scarf (St. Albans Valentine Cable Scarf) and take a proper photo of it. I already typed up the Row-by-Row Instructions for the scarf yesterday. All it needs is a photo, followed by a little prestidigitation to turn it into a PDF file, and then it'll be ready to upload to for downloading. I know, it sounds simple. You'd be amazed at how many hours I can spend staring at the computer screen and getting very little done...

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7 stitch(es):

Suzann said...

$1.90 as of today. Keep the faith it should be coming your way soon

Claudia said...

Just want you to know how appreciated you are for all those hours you spend staring at your computer screen. :)


hakucho said...

They say if the prices of gas start going back up - it means our economy is improving....sorry, don't mean to be pessimistic...just food for though :)

Jean said...

It's great that gas prices make things more affordable now. I especially like the photo on your cable scarf link. I got quite a chuckle when I saw your little helper in it.

junior_goddess said...

1.87 yesterday.

Chris said...

I have seen it here in NE Ohio for 189.9 a gallon--just last night. Too bad my tank was full.

Libby said...


I completely get staring at the computer screen and not feeling like you accomplished a thing. And with 2 little girls, computer time is getting more and more sparce! LOL Its all good though.