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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Another Hat


Michele at PDXKnitterati has a new pattern coming out, it's her Checkerboard Scarflet . I looked over her pattern this morning and it is easy peasy, great for the beginner knitter. She'll be making the pattern available soon.

Oh, and I saw this on a Finnish Blog, where someone knit up my Regina Mitts and modified them to make them full mittens rather than fingerless mitts. I love how they turned out. It seems like everybody else takes better photos of their knitting than I do, so I always think my patterns look better when other people do them.

Utopia Cable Hat

This is just another Utopia Hat which I worked on a while back. It was a refreshing change to have something small and easy to knit. This pattern is so easy to knit that it makes for good mindless TV knitting, or knitting while sitting next to Missy who is playing Dora the Explorer games on the NickJr website. This hat is for Cap Karma and it will be going to a local chemo patient.

Does anyone have suggestions for online toddler game websites? I think Missy has gotten tired of the selection on the NickJr website.

I was slightly derailed last night when I looked at my knitting and discovered I missed a cable crossing ... 15 rows down! It took me nearly 40 minutes to drop 8 stitches down 15 rows to fix this, inserting the missing cable crossing and working the cable crossings as necessary as I slowly worked my way back up. For some odd reason, I kept getting a gap or looseness to the left of my cable panel, so I had to do some tweaking to try to tighten it up. It was actually risky of me to attempt this at night, while tired, and with limited lighting. Sorry, I didn't take a photo of my boo-boo because I was too lazy to get out of bed to grab the camera. I really should get into the habit of looking at my knitting more frequently so that I don't discover these mistakes 15 rows later.

As I passed by the 76 gas station with the red sign this morning, I noticed that the premium unleaded was $2.99. I can't remember what the regular unleaded price was. Perhaps I'll run over to Costco to see what gas is selling for over there...

But first I need to deal with the "overdue" book at the library, which has a $1.25 fine now. It's a childrens book I returned last Friday on Halloween. I returned a bunch of Missy's books that day and they all got scanned in as "returned" except for this one book. I only discovered this last night when I logged into my library account. This is the second time this has happened in the past few months, it's rather annoying to have to go deal with!!

Last time this happened, I called them and they said they would do a "search". Later that same day, I went to the library and picked up the "overdue" book from the children's section. It was just sitting there on the shelf! So it had been returned, but they didn't scan it in as "returned" in their computer system. I wonder what would have happened if someone else tries to check out a book that is tagged as "checked out" by their computer system? Anyhow, I have to wonder whether their "search" would have come up with the book if I hadn't personally gone to the library to help them with it.

Anyhow, you're probably wondering whether I missed returning the one book in question last Friday. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it was returned. I have a checklist of all the books we check out and their due dates. I mark the ones I am going to return, go fetch the books and place another mark to indicate that I have it and then place it into the big bag I take to the library. The bagging process happens on the kitchen coutner, then it goes into the car so Missy can't pull anything out before we get to the library.

Well, there's one good thing about the Big City. I've never had this problem at the library in San Francisco. They've never missed scanning one of my returned books.

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14 stitch(es):

CatBookMom said...

>>>I really should get into the habit of looking at my knitting more frequently so that I don't discover these mistakes 15 rows later.<<<

Exactly what DH says when I'm furiously frogging such a thing. Gas was $2.75 yesterday ;)

VegasJilly said...

im in maryland is gas is down to $2.39.

that has happened to me at my library also!! i saw that it wasnt checked in but KNEW i had returned it. i happened to go over to the shelf to see if it was there and it was so i took it to the counter and told them about it. such a pain when that happens.

Udar said...

I am surprised at the whole library debacle. I would think a library in a smaller town would have less traffic and thus more time for the staff to pay attention to each task. Maybe the computer systems is buggy.

hakucho said...

Wow, your regina pattern makes awesome mittens...I love them :)'s a very versatile pattern! Wonderful cabled hat, too :)

Renna said...

I've had that same library book situation happen to me with our local library, twice! The first time, I did like you and found the book myself, ON THE SHELF.

The second time, I couldn't find the book on the shelf. I know I can be ditzy about some things, but that was one of those instances where I knew for a fact that I'd returned it. Since they couldn't find it, they charged me for a lost book. Grrr...

I love that hat. I really do need to knit a cabled hat, as I've not done one yet.

I've only made a quick trip to the nearby vet's with the dog. Hubby was driving and I was so busy trying to restrain an overexcited pet that I didn't even think to look at the gas prices. I did notice last night that they were still at $1.87

Claudia said...

I can never keep track of my cables and yes, I find mistakes way down, too. And since I have no idea how to fix anything, I have to rip and rip and then figure out which row I'm on to do it correctly. ugh...

Our gas is $2.19 at present.

Zandra said...

Gas is anywhere from 2.199 a gallon to 1.929 a gallon here. My brother saw gas for 1.689 a gallon in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Jean said...

I really had enjoyed making this hat of yours, I made it awhile back for someone who was going thru chemo, I knitted in a cashmere/merino blend, and it was one of her favorites. The library story made me giggle a bit.

Barbara said...

Hope the book turns up somewhere. Thanks for reminding me to return mine tomorrow:) That's a great hat.

Allison said...

That hat looks great. I'm so impressed that you could go down so many rows and fix it - I don't think I could do that! I got gas on Sunday at the corner of Remington and Sunnyvale/Saratoga for $2.73 per gallon! Check it out.

Cindy G said...

That is annoying when the books don't scan in. Speaking from the other side of the circulation desk, it's probably more likely in a small library, where the worker (a/k/a me) is often trying to juggle four or five things at once. Doesn't excuse it happening, but may go some way to explaining it. With our computer system, if someone else tried to check it out, we would get a flag that it is "already checked out to..." Then we would check it in and reverse any accrued fines before sending it out again.

Cactusneedles said...

Love, love your utopia! I think I may have to make another one (my 3rd!). I've had the library thing happen to me too! Same thing! I found it on the shelf! Very fustrating. Oh, try My kids like it and I think there might be stuff there for younger ones as well! Take care.

Aimee said...

Catching up reading posts. My kids really like the Boowa and Kwala website:
They use the free stuff, I've never checked out the "premium" stuff that you have to pay to join.

xina said...

I recently had the library thing happen to me to up here in WA. I never got as far as looking for the book though I just called them and they said "oh I wonder how that happened!" Now I always check online to make sure my returned books are checked back in. Thanks for all the cable scarf patterns - yours are the only scarfs I make! Have a great Thanksgiving!