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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This is just a continuation of my previous Monterey/Carmel post with a few more photos from my recent trip. I think Miss M really enjoyed the road trip because she asked where we were going next, as in our next little road trip or vacation. We'll have to see whether DH can take some time off again, perhaps around July 4th. I wonder if she would get bored if we went up north and stayed at Sea Ranch.

We had a nice little stroll along the main strip in Carmel, viz. Ocean Avenue. There are lots of cute little shops and restaurants in this area. It is the main tourist attraction here. I should have taken photos of the shops on the street so you can see it. I've come here so many times in the past that I don't even think about doing that.

We sometimes stop in at Flaherty's restaurant when we visit Carmel. Decent food at reasonable prices, and the Oyster Bar side of the restaurant is casual and kid friendly. But then, I'd also be perfectly happy getting pizza from Mountain Mike's Pizza further down Hwy 1 near Carmel Valley Rd, lol.

There is a mall at the corner of Ocean Ave and Junipero Ave which mostly contains the same sort of stores you would find in Any Mall, USA. There used to be a Saks Fifth Avenue many years ago, it is gone now. Sharper Image also closed some years back. I find the landscaping part of the appeal here. It's just a nice pretty place to sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea.

Miss M gets a kick out of anything fountain-like than spits out water. This one looks like a dog's head.

After walking around the shopping area, we headed down to the beach at the end of Ocean Ave. We drove down there and found parking. We didn't think Miss M would have made it back up the steep incline if we had walked down there. She loved the sand here.

Pacific Ocean

Looking North-West

Looking South-West

This sure beats the sand we had in San Francisco!

We thought the drive back home would be a breeze since the holiday weekend had past. There was still a bit of traffic, and then we slowed to a crawl on Hwy 17 behind the CHP who stopped to pick up something off the road. It looked like a sledge hammer to me. Who would put such a thing on the highway?

I did knit a little more of Mom's vest during this trip, but then I had another major disaster with it. I'll tell you about it next time...


4 stitch(es):

Rachel said...

That sure looks like a fun vacation! Just look at that sand and ocean! I'm sooo jealous!

Mel said...

That fountain is too cool, and I love those birdhouses.

crazycatladymel, from Rav

hakucho said...

Very nice trip!! Looks like you had a nice time :)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are lovely. I visited that area 18 years ago (wow, that long ago?), and it is just beautiful.