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Saturday, November 08, 2008



She is quite the ecdysiast, my DD. There were a couple times during the week when I attempted to get her to nap. She'd get into bed. Fidget. Fidget. Fidget. Does there exist any toddler who knows the meaning of being still? Next thing I know, ALL of her clothes are strewn on the floor by the bed. I'm guessing this must be another one of those toddler phases. What concerns me is that she has a tendency to throw off the blanket and I do not want her to be cold, especially while she's trying to shake off a persistent runny nose/cough.

I'm a bit bummed that it's only been 6 months since I got my birthday present, and I've already destroyed the ear buds that came with it. Left ear bud vs. hot mint tea. The tea won. I'm using the ear buds from the old one and am currently working through Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (Susanna Clarke), a novel about a magician in the 19th century. I've barely made a dent in it since it is quite a long, and the story is moving along slowly.

We have a Missy milestone! Nov 6, 2008 marks the first time Missy successfully opened our front door. We have one of those childproofing door knob covers and she figured it out. Scary thought. However she's not one to do wild things, so I don't expect to find her opening the door and running out into the street. She has also figured out how to open the sliding glass door. The locking mechanism was easy (just move the lever up or down), but it took her a while to build up enough strength to pull the door open.

Cindy commented in my last post that there is a higher tendency at a smaller library for books to get returned under the radar, due to the staff having to multitask. I do live in a smaller city now. My New City has a population around 138,000 and my Old City's population is around 765,000. However the Old City had one large Main branch and many Neighborhood branches. My New City has only one library branch. At first I thought it was strange to live it a city that had only one library branch. I soon warmed up to the idea of having all the books located in one building. In my Old City, we would sometimes have to request books from other branches and it could take a while before they arrive.

Oh, btw, that gas station sign photo above was taken yesterday (7 Nov 2008); the price is the same today. Costco is $2.35 and $2.59.

I've got my next cable scarf in the works, Cable Scarf #15 (in my series of cable scarves). I designed it on 30 Oct 2008 and have been making good progress on it since then. I started the scarf while watching War, then continued while catching up on some Tivo'd episodes of The Last Enemy on Masterpiece Contemporary, which was followed by American Gangster. I'm very confused with what is going on on PBS. Things were so simple when they called it Masterpiece Theater. Then they came up with Masterpiece, Masterpiece Classic, Masterpiece Contemporary, and Masterpiece Mystery (which used to be plain Mystery!). This really throws me off when I'm looking for stuff to record on Tivo.

I love the pattern and think it will become my winter scarf this year. I've also decided that I should make myself at least one item each year, so this scarf will be it. I made the Regina Scarf for myself last year (and I made a Regina Scarf for my MIL's Christmas present this year).

I'm making this scarf out of my favorite yarn. Any guesses which one? I'm sure you're all sick of hearing me mention it! Elann Luxury Merino Superwash. This is the Ruby color, same colorway as the scarf I made for my MIL.

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6 stitch(es):

junior_goddess said...

I am at 1.99. Y'all have some expensive damned additives.

Jean said...

I love the color red, the yarn will make a beautiful scarf. Sounds like your little one a full on toddler and you are quite fortunate that she has some restraint, my niece was one to open the door and bolt, whenever we went out to family gatherings, it was all of our jobs to make sure she did not take off, and she kept us all very busy. Once she took off at the San Diego zoo and had 3 aunts, uncles and parents trying to catch her. Its much easier now (she is in college). Children (while they can be challenging) are also so rewarding, the love and affection they return are so precious.

Claudia said...

Oh I can't wait to see your new scarf!!!!! I used to think that making scarves was boring until I started making them for other people and now I'm fascinated!

Good luck keeping the child in the house. Scary stuff when they learn how to get out on their own.

hakucho said...

Can't wait to see your new cabled scarf :)

Your little one is growing up fast! Enjoy :)

happy knitting :)

P.S. Getting my gas tomorrow...I wonder how much it will be? :)

Virtuous said...

Look forward to seeing what you next design will look like next! And you know I am luvin' the red ;o)

Gas here is $ can't wait to see $1.98!!!

Life really does zoom by!! @ daughter

Ariel said...

$2.45 in So Cal this morning......

I remember the first time my son opened the front door. We installed deadbolts that used a key on the inside and outside. :-)