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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sugar and Cream

It's interesting how my coffee tastes have changed over the years. I started out with sugar and cream in my coffee. Then for a while I was hooked on mochas. When I finally got around to trying out my Stash Chocolate Hazelnut tea, I was reminded of the time I was in a hazelnut coffee phase where I'd pick up a huge cup every morning on the way to work. Then I tried coffee with no sugar, just cream. Now I've gone back to a little bit of sugar and lots of milk.

Lily Sugar & Cream variegated yarn

I was surprised during my visit to Jo-Ann when I found a large variety of Sugar & Cream colors. My store usually has only a handful of colors, and usually the same old boring selection. But this time they had a slew of new colors called "Culinary Colors" I had never seen before. So of course I couldn't help myself and threw just a few balls into my shopping basket.

Sugar & Cream Swimming Pool (upper left, Original Color)
Sugar & Cream Landscape (upper right, Original Color)
Sugar & Cream Wooded Moss (lower left, Culinary Color)
Sugar & Cream Weathered Rose (lower right, Culinary Color)

Sugar & Cream Landscape (upper left, Original Color)
Sugar & Cream Faded Denim (upper right, Original Color)
Sugar & Cream Weathered Rose (lower left, Culinary Color)
Sugar & Cream Urban Pastels (lower right, Culinary Color)

Sugar & Cream Beach Ball Blue (upper left, Original Color)
Sugar & Cream Bronze Blue (upper right, Culinary Color)
Sugar & Cream Quilt Colors (lower right, Culinary Color)

Sugar & Cream Bronze Blue (upper left, Culinary Color)
Sugar & Cream Oriental Ochre (upper right, Culinary Color)
Sugar & Cream Quilt Colors (lower left, Culinary Color)

I don't know what happened here. I went to Jo-Ann to look at buttons for my February Lady Sweater and 20 balls of kitchen cotton followed me home! I did find some buttons although I'm not 100% sure I like them for the sweater. I'll show you the buttons in another post. At least I managed to stay on target. :-)


I've been on a salad kick lately, I just can't get enough of it. While foods I've liked in the past just don't do it for me now. So I've been eating mostly salads these days. Crumbling blue cheese into my salad is a must these days. I picked up a pound the other day and am being very good about using it sparingly. I could eat this stuff like candy but that wouldn't be a good thing.

I haven't been doing much knitting lately. Just chipping away at my MIL's scarf. I'm exhausted all the time and I feel like I need a nap all day long, but don't get to take a nap until sometime after dinner. Then I have to wake up to give Miss M her bath and wind down. After that all I'm good for is watching some TV. I just can't concentrate on knitting.

I've been making slow progress on The Fellowship of the Ring, the first part of The Lord of the Rings. This is my first time reading the book. I am nearly done, I've got about 1/8 left to go. It's interesting to see what is similar or different from the movie. I haven't yet decided if I want to jump right into book #2, or to take a break and read one of the many mystery novels I have queued up.


3 stitch(es):

Aunt Kathy said...

I love the swimming pool, color, I have used that one a lot not surprising though since I love the pool so much, lol

Did you ever get the buttons?

I've been tired too, maybe it's the weather? In my case it's low Iron, so I am taking a supplement. It's only been 3 days no change yet, but I am hoping.

Lisa W. said...

i think S&C is like a litter of puppies...such darn cute little inexpensive skeins. oh, just a couple...and before you know it you have a couple of dozen...wait..they're not puppies...they're RABBITS! LOL...I've done the exact same thing...but I almost never knit with the stuff...usually Grandma Clara absconds with it for her potholders or dishrags or towels or something. LOL.
Salads are good! Throw in a hardboiled egg, or some tuna or other leftover protein (salmon, halibut, etc.) and you have a wonderful meal. Hope the fatigue passes soon. thinking of you lots these days and sending good vibes.

Renna said...

My access to yarn in stores is very limited in my small town, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover the many Sugar'n'Cream yarns available during a quick stop at Hobby Lobby while in Dallas last week.

There wasn't near the selection that you found at JoAnn's (wish there was a JoAnn's near the area we go when in Dallas), but I did pick up some pretty self-striping S&C, which I didn't even realize they made. I also picked up some solid brown which I'd never seen. I think it would make a practical color for a dishcloth, since dishcloth's can get to looking pretty grungy with use.

I get on salad kicks, too, where I just want to eat them every day, every meal...well, maybe not breakfast! ;-) I like feta cheese in mine. I could gobble it up, too!