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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Elann Shawl Knit-A-Long

Lisa is hosting an Elann Shawl Knit-A-Long. Check out her blog here and here for more details. I was thinking of doing Moonlight Sonata since I have the yarn on hand, but now think it's way too ambitious of a project for my very first shawl. Sun Ray was another one I was considering, but I don't have 6 balls of Highland Wool in one color on hand. However Lisa suggested that I could do it in Baby Silk. I'm not sure I'm up for a big shawl project on fingerling weight yarn (would I ever finish???). Now I'm thinking Sun Ray with -- ok, you yarn snobs will cringe when I say this -- a DK weight acrylic/wool blend yarn. Something thicker to keep me motivated, plus I can use (maybe?) size US8 / 5mm needles which I do have on hand. (There's a shortage of US6 and US7 needles right now).


Ok, I actually managed to watch American Idol tonight even if it was after the show aired (thanks to Tivo). So that means I can actually vote for a change! (I usually watch AI a day or two later) ... my opinion still stands, I'm still voting black this year and think one of these gals will ultimately win. My preferences are Melinda, LaKisha, then Jordin.

Sorry, no knitting news today. Too busy. Zero stitches worked on today. :-( DH & I are busy trying to decide whether we want to make an offer on a house. Offers are due tomorrow. We actually saw the house last Thurs, and wanted to get a copy of the Disclosure, but the Selling Agent didn't get her act together until Monday 5PM-ish ... that's when the Disclosure was available online. So not too much time to read it over. We were too tired on Monday (it was a long day for both of us), and we had a little bit of time to look it over today but not as thoroughly as we would like. Don't really like the feeling of having to rush into a decision.

Back when DH & I were looking at houses a few years ago, Disclosure Packets were handed out in paper format. Yes, lots of pages to read through. I find it easier to read a hard copy, but it is not the way towards a paperless society. Distribution of DPs are much different now. They're available as PDF files which you can download. I always find it harder on my eyes to read stuff on the computer, and it's harder to add post-it flags to certain pages you want to refer back to easily. But I discovered something pretty neat today with Adobe Acrobat. I could add "Notes" with my comments, and jump back to that page easily. And I discovered the "Bookmark" feature. That's cool and all as long as I'm in front of my computer. But what I'd really like to do is take a paper copy of the Disclosure with me when I look at a house a second time, so I can check out specifics things of interest which I've flagged with post-it flags. Now this isn't so easy with a PDF copy. Ah well...

Time for bed. It'll be an early start for us tomorrow if we decide to move on the house...


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Lisa W. said...

Yikes Marie...nooooo.....not a won't get the blocked out beauty that turns natural fibers into lace! OK...just me whinging! because i'm that way. sorry! but the sunray is on 10s in plain old highland wool...what about that gorgeous hiland silk on 8s....or some of that sonata on 9s/10s? email me and tell me what you have in stash and we can chat about it! Anyway, also, email me anyway so i can have your email address to add to the knitalong blogsite i'm setting up separately due to the high level of interest and activity! midwifeknitsatyahoodotcom