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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another photo of my Ariel Scarf

I finally managed to clear off the coffee table during the daytime to take a quickie more zoomed out photo of my Ariel Scarf. And when I say quickie, I really mean it. I only managed one shot before Miss M pulled the scarf off the table. But you do get a better look at the cable pattern in this photo.

And I wanted to put the photo of the hat and scarf in one post so you can see them together. Much easier that way. :-) Both scarf & hat were made of the same yarn & color. The hat picture just looks off because it was taken at night. Miss M has already "taken ownership" of the hat.

Ariel Scarf Pattern is here:

I'll try to post the pattern for the Ariel Hat sometime before the next Ice Age...


BTW, is it just me or is everyone else being prompted for username/password every time you click on the blogger "Dashboard" link?

Teatime... I made a pot of tea today. Lupicia Bravissimo.


5 stitch(es):

Joan said...

Yay! A "live" head to model your beautiful hat! That's a great one, Marie.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the support. I hope they will be able to do surgery next week. Keep up the beautiful work. I love the scarf... well... maybe I should say... I love all your work.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

hakucho said...

Your Ariel scarf and hat together makes for a wonderful matching set. That would make a perfect gift for someone special!! Just beautiful :)

happy knitting :)

Quail Hill Knits said...

Gorgeous pattern and beautiful color. It is really distintive.