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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nervous Knitting

I am a nervous person by nature. I can't help it. It's just the way I am...

I had a doctor's appt today to have something checked out as I've been experiencing something a bit on the abnormal side since December. The doc had a lookie in January and chalked it up to holiday stress, then things seemed normal since then (well, except for the minor cold in Jan & a major cold in Feb). Then it all started again in March/April. I saw the doc today and she decided to do an endometrial biopsy. A what??? Everything in the medical world has to have a sesquipedalian term.

Ok, I'll have a biopsy. Hey, it can't be that bad, right? I mean, I've gone through childbirth without an epidural, what could beat that? But then the nurse handed me a consent form to sign, and I skimmed through the text ... take pain reliever an hour before procedure ... cramps and bleeding during/after procedure for a couple days ... continue taking pain reliever every few hours after procedure ... and I was starting to get worried. I asked for some advil. Not sure if it would kick in since the doc was going to do the procedure in a few minutes, but I figure it would make me feel better nonetheless. The procedure really wasn't bad at all. I can't say I'm feeling great, but overall it's not bad. Plus I think it helped that there was a speckled ceiling above where I tried to distract myself by counting all the specks. I counted up to 130 by the time it was all over. The doc told me to take it easy and not do any heavy lifting, which included not lifting M (22+ lbs) too much. Good thing DH is home this week, so he can help with M. When it's just us two, she gets really needy and needs to be picked up & held much of the time.

Anyhowz, I'm still worried about the biopsy results and I won't know until next week. Waiting always sucks. The doc also referred me for an ultrasound to check for fibroids. I don't think I'll have any peace of mind until all this is done and all results are negative. So I'm just going to crawl into my corner of the couch and do some nervous knitting... hopefully it will help me relax...

What you see above is my attempt at lace knitting using Baby Silk with US5 (3.75mm) needles. (Sorry the knitting is curled up, it's hard to get things to lie flat when they're on circular needles). I'm not really liking the results, and I don't feel like it will open up with blocking. Of course I really don't know since I have little experience in this area, but it's just a feeling I get. So I'm going to to cast on again using US6 (4mm) needles and see if the results are better....


9 stitch(es):

Anonymous said...

Dear Marie, I am thinking about you, and will keep you in my prayers. It's probably nothing at all.

Grace Yaskovic said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you, I have had sisters go through all of this and it was nothing at all, always better to be safe!!

Sarah said...

Ah, welcome to the biopsy club. ;-)

My grandmother died of cervical cancer, my mother had it, and I have cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer). I also do alot of education in HPV/Cervical Cancer. Biopsies aren't fun, but they can save lives.

I actually have something I call a "Biopsy blanket". It's a huge granny square that I work on out of a wool blend boucle that was given to me whenever I am nervous about medical tests. I started it when I had my first cervical cancer scare. Lately I've been having chest pains, and I went in for testing for that today, and it got a little bit bigger. It's nice, mindless, rythmic work that I can take my nerves out on.

If you need to talk, let me know. These things can be terrifying.

g-girl said...

wow. my thoughts are with you and I'll be hoping that you get good news next week. I agree, waiting does suck but that's what we have knitting for. ;)

Jill said...

Hey I went through the exact same thing in Nov/Dec and all was fine (although I am a big-time worrier) I had the biopsy, ultraound. blood tests for "unusually heavy" bleeding. I had an hyperplastic endometrial ablationn and now all is fine. Good Luck!

Connie said...

Hey that is my middle name, great crafter's and knitter's have the same name...LOL
I will keep you in my prayers and know that God will be with you whatever the outcome and prayers are answered so I am sure that things will turn out fine.
As for that lace start...don't give up yet, blocking will most definitely open it up.
God bless you, Connie
ps..your elann sister knitter

Becca said...

Another cervical biopsy veteran here too. I got tired of waiting in the treatment room one day and dug out my knitting. I don't think the dr. had seen anyone knitting while wearing the paper napkin they call a gown.

My first biopsy, I wasn't too nervous. Then the nurse prepping me (English was not her first language) said something about how the pain would be "like when you have a baby". I got so scared I got dizzy and nearly passed out. Luckily it wasn't nearly that bad!

Hoping and praying for good results for you. Not knowing is difficult, so just keep knitting.

Lisa W. said...

endometrial biopsies aren't fun...but they're not that bad either....and greater than 99% of the time turn out totally benign especially in your age group (women of childbearing age)......the worst part is waiting for results which can take up to two weeks depending on where you live. i'll be thinking of you and sending positive calming vibes your way! glad your DH is home to help with lil miss M. Looking forward to getting together and meeting you in June.

hakucho said...

Some of us just were born this case you sure have a reason to be! You'll be in my prayers, praying everything will come back normal!!

Keep knitting least for me it helps :)