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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Embossed Turtle and some old finished cloths

I've been fiddling around with this turtle. I feel compelled to make the turtle cloth green for some reason. I have another one in darker green which I still need to take a photo of.

I seem to be stuck on green. I have so much green yarn of various shades, but I'm sure that under the right lighting I can take pictures of them all and make them look like the exact same shade, lol.


Ok, enough with the new. How about some old stuff? The following are some odds and ends I completed in 2006 but never got around to posting pics of. Better late than never, huh?

Here's an Oak Leaf cloth. It will go with a Maple Leaf cloth I've been trying to finish forever. These knit/purl cloths sometimes take me longer to work.

Here's a cat cloth, one of the dishcloth knitalongs. Of course I did it long after the KAL happened. Always trying to catch up...

This is the same yarn as the lacy round below, Jewels. This picture shows the colors better. I think it's because I might have taken this photo in the daytime. I started this in Sept, and finished it in Dec. I'm not very good at working these short row type patterns. Lack of concentration to get very far. It is because of this that I know I would never start Lady Eleanor, which I see a lot of people working on these days ... Bets, Joan, Lisa, Trish, just to name a few.

This is P&C Shaded Pastels. I was on a roll and made a lot of these lacy round cloths. I also did one in an orangy variegated yarn, but must have given it away before I could take a pic of it. I've got the pattern memorized now, lol. I still hate seaming though...

This picture doesn't really show the vivid colors of the cloth. It's S&C Jewel Ombre.

This is a Paw Cloth for Vicki, done in S&C Cornflower blue color. I completed this in Sept 2006.

This is a Flower Cloth for my mother-in-law. It's also in the same S&C Hot Purple color as the cat below, but who would have guessed it while looking at these two photos! For some reason the Flower Cloth in this picture looks more blue. Yeah, I still need to learn how to take photos. This cloth was completed in Sept 2006.

I knitted this Cat cloth for Vicki who has 4 little kitties (ok, they're not that little anymore). The color is S&C Hot Purple, which is a lot brighter than in the picture above. Also completed in Sept 2006.


SK a écrit: What is Yamamotoyama green tea? Japanese tea with some burn rice inside?

Yamamotoyama is the brand of teas which come in many flavors (Green tea, green w/roasted brown rice, roasted green, jasmine, oolong). Clicking on the link will take you to their webpage where you can see a picture of their packaging. You may have seen these boxes at your local supermarket or Asian market. Their teas are available loose and in tea bags. I also know you can get some of their teas from Stash. Your best bet would be to go to an Asian supermarket like Ranch 99. I've also seen their teas at American supermarkets (if not in the tea aisle, then in the Asian/Ethnic aisle) however this might be due to living in the San Francisco Bay Area, so YMMV. Although they make loose tea, I tend to get their tea bags. YMY is my "lazy" tea, when I don't feel like brewing a pot of tea. In fact, I am drinking some right now! :-)


Ok, I am sick sick sick sick sick of being sick. On the upside, I do feel like I am getting better. I'm a bit less congested, and the times when I'm all stuffed up or when I have one of those painful coughing fits are becoming less frequent. DH is recovering nicely, I think his immune system is better than mine. He rarely gets sick, and when he does it is usually when he hasn't been "working" enough. His dad is like that too. M showed improvement yesterday and she is definitely recovering. She's still congested. Unfortunately at her age (almost 2 yrs old), she doesn't quite know how to blow her nose, and that is a source of frustration and fussiness at times. I can't tell you how many tissues I have gone through to blow my nose or to wipe her nose, but if you gave me a nickel for each tissue used, I'm pretty sure I'm close to owning that Porsche 911 Turbo. . . . ok, well, maybe not. But we have used A LOT of tissues in this house.

M can sign for medicine, and she tries to say the word too. I hope she doesn't think it is part of the regular nighttime routine.


9 stitch(es):

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love that lacy circle cloth. Is that your own pattern? If not, do you remember where it's from?

I do enjoy checking in here to see your pretty cloths. So many intriguing patterns. I look at a lot of them and think, "Oooh, that would make a nice scarf." (I'm addicted to scarves the way you seem addicted to wash clothes.)

Grace said...

Marie what do you do with all the clothes, they are fabulous, I too love the lacy circle in the various colors. I fyou ever want to sell some Keep me in mind!

smallsmallfaery said...

Son lavette de la tortue est tres mingnon!

I had to look up most of those words since my French is rusty but your "Enregistrer un commentaire" prompted me to exercise some of it.

Chrissy said...

I love all these cloths, but the turtle is really amazing!

LisaW. said...

Qu'est ce que c'est le mot pour "turtle"? I love the turtle pattern...i have a turtle fetish.....i love turtles of any and all shapes. I have pics from Hawaii of swimming with sea turtles...must have the pattern! And i do also love the other cloths you make. they are so cheerful. Do you usually keep for personal use or gift out? I'm so glad you are starting to feel better. It's awful hard to be ill with a toddler about.

V. said...

Smariek, Thanks for the lovely clothes you gave me. I have been showing them at work and we all agree that they are much too pretty to be for dishes or counters. Love the kitty & paw, and of course you used all the great colors.

junior_goddess said...

I really like the circulars too...where can I find that pattern?

What were your dimensions on Sir Turtle? That's BW 3, isn't it? Can I get details on that cloth?

christen comer said...

this is long after the post, but do you have links to the cat cloth patterns? I know people who would LOVE them as christmas presents! (I found your blog through jarod at

Dr.Gray said...

Really like your designs, love the green tea color.