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Friday, February 09, 2007

Thoughts for 02/09/07

I am sick with that awful sore throat, headache, achiness, and general feeling of unwellness. I have spent most of Friday in bed, while DH stayed home to watch over M. M has also been a bit under the weather lately, but it is just a mild cold for her. I think she's doing better than me. At least we are past the night wakings. However she did have a 2 hr 15 min power nap today, so she must be feeling a little off. It probably did not help that we went to the zoo a couple days ago when it was cold & rainy. This is her sitting on a hippo. She was perfectly content to sit on top until she slid down and decided it was a fun slide.

I am bored. I am bored of kitchen cotton yarn color choices. I look at what I have and it all seems to be the same. Same old colors in varying shades. Many different shades of pink, green, orange, purple, blue, etc... there are plenty of colors to choose from but not enough.

After knitting my 4 Embossed Hearts Cloths, a light bulb went off ... I realized that knitting these solid fabric cloths are a whole lot easier to than the holey ones. They knit up so quickly! And you don't have to worry (as much) about dropped stitches. So that's the appeal! lol. It's too bad I find basic knit/purl tedious ... but that's probably because I do so much seed stitch. Don't get me wrong, I love seed stitch, but it is rather tedious to work. I know I mentioned on Dec 24th that I would try to design some easy knit/purl cloths. I have actually worked one up, but I don't really like it very much. Besides, it has probably already been done, I just haven't seen it yet...

Do people like or use towels with their cloths? I've never made one before. I was toying around with the idea of making a matching towel to go with the 4 Embossed Hearts cloth. I even sat down and wrote up the pattern for the towel. However this towel isn't going to happen until I find some cute heart shaped buttons... where will I find them and when will I be able to go get them with a grabby-hands toddler in tow? I can just see Tornado M running through the craft stores... it won't be pretty...

Manda Mia knitted up my Heart Lace Cloth and posted it on Flickr here. I'm always delighted and honored when other people knit up my designs. But that's not all ... I got a great kick out of her description underneath the photo: Mom bought this dishcloth off me for $5. Cha-ching! :-)

I recently stumbled upon a French blogger who knit up my Claudia Hat. She knit it for her daughter who has a different picture of the hat here. I think the pattern shows up better in the lighter white colored yarn.

Haven't gotten much knitting done lately. I am still working on my Mom's Asherton Hat. I might even finish it this weekend. Isn't it pathetic that it will have taken me 3 weeks to finish a hat that most people can complete in a few hours or days? I am just uninspired to work on this hat. I'm just uninspired. I have some ideas in mind, but don't have the will power to do anything about them right now. Perhaps it's just because I'm feeling sick...

Can't wait to feel like my usual tired self....


3 stitch(es):

ratichoo said...

Hello, I'm the daughter! the pattern is great, the hat fits perfectly, very comfy and warm. I wore it yesterday on the Whistler slopes!

Manda said...

I'm glad I amused you. :-)

Mom was searching for a small, last minute gift for a girl at work, and I guess the cloth fit the bill. I hated to give it up, but, hello, $5! I've since knit another in the same yarn, but I think the the first was prettier.

Madeline said...

How fun! I have a picture of mine on FlickR as well. I'm going to cast on Papillon next. You know, there is a Flickr group for handknit/crocheted washcloths. You should join! It seems small right now but I think it would be nice to revive it or at least get it moving!