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Friday, February 09, 2007

My 5 Secrets

Ack! Claudia tagged me for this 5 Secrets thing. I'm supposed to tell 5 secrets I haven't told in my blog. And once I'm done, I have to tag 5 other people to do the same. Hmmmm ... what to write? what to write?

I don't know if these would be called secrets. It's more like 5 lesser known facts you probably don't already know about me...

1. I'm not very good at remembering things like names and dates. But there are some dates that just stick out in my mind. I will always remember the date DH's white Toyota died for good. You may wonder why I would remember such a thing, but it will make more sense when I tell you the date ... Sept 10, 2001.

2. Despite hating most reality shows on TV, I do indulge in American Idol every year. It's good mindless entertainment when I'm too brain dead to watch anything requiring more brain power.

3. Although I'm not big on computer or video games, but I am addicted to playing The Sims. This is not to say that I actually spend a lot of time playing it. I only get to play it a little bit every few months to a year. I can't wait to get my hands on The Sims 2. It'll have to wait until I decide whether I want to play it on a PC or Mac. Besides, there's no hurry. It's not like I have a whole lot of time to play computer games. I barely have much time to do any knitting as it is....

4. It is a well known fact that most Americans, unlike Europeans, drive automatic. I actually enjoy driving stick. I remember when DH got his Audi, his first manual transmission automobile (which replaced the Toyota mentioned in #1), he had quite a learning curve adjusting to driving stick, and it was a slow and painful drive home from the car dealership, with lots of stalls on "baby" hills. Shortly after getting the car, I told him I wanted to try driving the new car. I impressed him by getting in and driving the car a bit without stalling. He was expecting me to stall immediately after lurching forward a few inches. I guess I should mention that at this point in time that I didn't own a car, I didn't drive regularly, and whenever I did it was with an automatic. I still don't have a car with stick. I currently drive an automatic Subaru.

5. I knew someone who had the same birthday as mine ... same month, same day, same year. Neato, huh?

6. I went to the Def Con Convention in Las Vegas in 1999; it's a gathering of computer security enthusiasts. That year was of particular interest because cDc was releasing BO2K. I even got an invite to attend a private cDc release party.

Well there you have it. I guess I need to tag people now. What, we only get to choose 5?! Ok, I am tagging Barbara, Bets, Grace, Jayne, & Trish.


4 stitch(es):

V. said...

DH and two other people I know have the same birthday (not year) as you. A neighbor kid in HK had the same birthday and name as me!

junior_goddess said...

AHHHHHH! You did the Developers-Developers-Developers dance, didn't you? B/O scared the hell out of me because of its possible applications.

Anonymous said...

Ooh nooo, Marie! You missed my very last MEME!

Lisa W. said...

Hey Marie; I've been talking to Barbara offline a bit (CatBookMom) and we're looking at a little knitty meetup in June! I have a conference in SF June 6-10th! Definately going to Artfibers....let's plan!
you can email me at home at westprodatgcidotnet.