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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Gathering HUGe supplies


HUGe supplies, containing "software".

I'm excited. I want to tell you why. But it's a secret, for now. However I can tell you that it has something to do with the upcoming HUGe swap. I have never participated in a HUGe swap before. It was started by T in the Elann chat room. She groups participants into groups of 10. Each person makes 10 items for the swap and sends them to T. She gathers everything and places one of each item into boxes and sends them back to the participants. So you make 10 items for the swap, and you'll receive a box back with 10 items other people in your group made. If you didn't follow that, then it's best to wait for T's post about HUGe, she can explain it better. ;-)

The little bag you see above contains some of the supplies I think I will use to make the items for the swap. I can't show you the contents. Sorry, no peeking!!!

HUGe supplies, "hardware" in Teavana bag, "software" in Lupicia bag.

Lupicia is one of my favorite tea shops. I had one not far from our old house in San Francisco and I was so thrilled to discover that they also opened one in San Jose, which is closer to our new house. So I can easily stop by and pick up more tea. I love the setup of their store, very sniff-friendly, and the staff is always very helpful. I mentioned the type of bags I like to use for my WIPs in an earlier post. This particular bag above is a bit on the larger side for my typical WIP. The Teavana bag is more like the size I usually use for carrying my WIPs around. To give you a size reference, the water bottle is 500 ML / 16 oz.

Thanks Theresa for the project idea!

Oh BTW, my HUGe project has nothing to do with tea...


Miss M likes to ride her tricycle around the neighborhood. Her latest thing is to look for houses with wind chimes. They're fascinating to her. There is a house nearby that has at least half a dozen out front, some by the front porch, some by the rose bushes. I wonder if they ward off crows, cuz I'd put them up if they did! Well, I'd think about it, but probably wouldn't. DH doesn't like wind chimes so it's not likely we'll ever have one. :-(

On these rides/walks around the neighborhood we often run into some of our our little neighbors. One day we were challenged to find a safe way to cross without crushing any of the 4 snails that were trying to cross. Here's one of them:

While passing the same house on another day, we saw only one snail:

Miss M thought it was neat to watch these guys. Brave fellows, they don't know what kind of danger they're in while crossing the sidewalk!

There was one day when we spied this little guy:

Yeah, I know. Not very exciting photos. Until I pick up some photography skills, I will just blame it on my camera. You've gotta check out Michele's neighborhood squirrel. I could never take such a beautiful shot of this dexterous fellow. Isn't he cute?

We often hear owls in our neighborhood. Whoo, whoo, whoo. In the daytime. I thought they were nocturnal. They're out there somewhere. I've never seen one.


8 stitch(es):

MicheleLB said...

Your swap sounds HUGely fun!

Coincidentally, my squirrel is back in today's post. Please ignore the glare on the glass in the current pictures:

and the bird you hear may be a pigeon or mourning dove. I hear that here, too, and thought it was an owl, but a birding friend thinks it's not.

CatBookMom said...

Cute wildlife pictures. Sammy Squirrel and friends love to play in the arbor that's outside the window of my office; there are vertical trunks and horizontal bars and the top of the alley wall, all much fun. Last year there was a young one who was sitting on the wall, holding a full-size Hass avocado, which was almost as big as he was. It was hilarious watching him try to move it around after he chewed through the skin.

Claudia said...

That swap looks like great fun! And I love your pics! Don't think they're boring at all! :)

Rachel said...

Have fun with your swap. I bet you'll be an awesome partner to have!

hakucho said...

I LOVE that snail...awesome photo! We just get gross slugs around here...


Cute critter photos! The swap sounds like fun. Trouble is i'm too busy fulfilling my knitting obligations to participate in making one more thing for someone else, let alone 10!!!!
What i could really use is a yarn grab bag swap!

NightOwlKnits said...

I was just talking with a friend yesterday about the proliferation of crows in our neighborhood – she said that those fake owl figures (usually plastic) have been known to keep them away so maybe it’d work for you too. Something about crows really creeps me out…!

That hooting sound you heard might be mourning doves. If the call has a sort of high burbling sound at the beginning followed by three or four ‘whooo” sounds it is probably a dove. Sadly their population has been decimated in recent years because of cats and, ironically, crows (who love to eat their eggs). I used to hear them all the time when I was growing up and I sort of miss waking up to their call.

Jennifer said...

Looks like you are having fun with the swap. I've only done one swap... the international scarf exchange. That was when I met Grace. She had my name.

As for the photos... you have a great eye for photos. And I think my words mean something... being that I'm an illustrator and graphic designer. Keep up the good work!