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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chocolaty heaven

Miss M and I made a trip to Safeway today to gather the remaining ingredients we needed to make the cookies I mentioned yesterday: brown sugar, instant espresso powder, unsweetened cocoa powder, and semisweet chocolate chunks. I had some difficulty locating instant espresso powder. I perused the coffee section several times; everything labeled "instant" was regular coffee. Not being an instant coffee drinker, I had no idea which instant regular coffee to choose. I ended up picking up a bottle of Nescafé Taster's Choice Gourmet Roast. (Would you believe they sell this stuff on Amazon? Who woulda thunk!)

Miss M loves helping me in the kitchen, especially when baking is involved. She helps me measure and mix. The only thing I don't let her do is crack the egg open. I do have a bit of a challenge with making sure some ingredients get into the mixing bowl. She was eating the walnuts as I was removing them from the bag and trying to break the apart before throwing them into the mixing bowl. She was also tempted by the chocolate chunks. Who wouldn't?

I picked up the only kind of chocolate chunks available at my Safeway, so making a choice there was pretty easy. Everything else they sold were chips. Although they did the job, there was something contrived about having most of these chocolate chunks identical in shape and size. I think next time I will have to pick up a big block of chocolate and chop it up myself.

Double Chocolate Mocha Cookie dough

The dough smells so good! Miss M even shoved her face into the bowl to take a whiff of it. The dough is so chunky after folding in the chocolate chunks and nuts.

About that table you see in all my photos... it is Miss M's table which we picked up from Ikea many moons ago. It is the Minnen table. We also got her two matching chairs, although it looks slightly different from the one pictured on their website now, and hers are red. The set used to live in the family room, but then it eventually moved to the kitchen.

Double Chocolate Mocha Cookie dough on cookie sheet

Miss M likes to help me drop rounded teaspoonfuls, or tablespoonfuls in this case, of cookie dough onto the sheets. She isn't very critical about placement, just plopping them down where ever she feels like. I have to go back and rearrange them so that they're somewhat evenly spaced apart. I only managed to put 8 cookies on these 12" x 16" (40.6 cm x 30.5 cm) sheets. I made 24 cookies, plus one oversized 25th cookie.

Double Chocolate Mocha Cookies on plate

The photo above shows you most of the cookies. I'm afraid some cookies didn't make it to the plate. ;-)

These cookies are scrumptious. Make some for yourself. And if you don't like these cookies after taking your first bite, then you are more than welcome to mail the rest of the batch to me. I'll gladly take them off your hands... ;-)

Thanks Trish for a great recipe!!!


7 stitch(es):

Cindy G said...

Oh those do look yummy!

Nina said...

These are looking delicious :)

Allison said...

Oh wow those look amazing. I'm coming to your house! Isn't it fun baking with the little ones? My 5 year old boy loves to help in the kitchen. Then he's so very proud of what he has made.

Claudia said...

Wow do those ever look great! I can almost smell them through the computer! :)

hakucho said...

Those look very delicious :)

Anonymous said...

That's exactly how mine look! I can taste them now! Half the time, I don't even scrunch them up on the pan, although it does make them look nice afterward. The espresso powder I use I get from Italian groceries, and is called Medaglia D'Oro.

Rachel said...

Ooo, I like that you changed it from "comments" to "stitches". I might have to steal your idea - do you mind?