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Friday, February 22, 2008

Photos of hat & mitts

Check out Donna's blog for a super easy contest.


Not much to say. Just wanted to share some photos. I finally got T to model the mitts & hat I made him.


This is Thomas modeling the Jayne Cobb Hat which I made him last year but didn't get around to giving it to him until this month. I actually made two of these hats. DH wears the other one. I need to get more red/orange/yellow yarn to make myself one. Unfortunately Elann has discontinued the orange (burnt orange) and yellow (freesia) colors I used to make this hat. So I will have to figure out another combination of colors. I was thinking of pottery red, pumpkin and allspice:

I have tons of the same Ruby red I used in the hat, however I've started to think that the Pottery Red might be a better match. This is the Ruby:


At dinner tonight DH asked, "Should you be eating raw fish?" We were having seared ahi tuna. How raw is seared ahi tuna? I told him it was partially cooked. ;-) However I did make a point of avoiding raw fish during my first pregnancy (much to my disappointment since I love love love sashimi). But yeah, technically the middle section is undoubtedly raw.


3 stitch(es):

Minnie~Knits said...

I LOVE those colors together! Very autumn, very chic, very earthy!

Anonymous said...

Late congratulations on number 2 on the way! Take good care of yourself.
Great knitting projects, as usual...


hakucho said...

I think the pottery red, pumpkin and allspice will make a beautiful hat :)