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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One down, another to go

I just want to take this opportunity to point out to all my readers that I have a Pattern Bibliography post here:
which enumerates the stitch patterns I use for many of the things I've knit.

I've tried to list the stitch patterns I use in my pattern post AND add a link to this Pattern Bibliography post to all my pattern posts for anyone who is interested. The info is there if you read the pattern post and Pattern Biblography post. I am pointing this out because it has been brought to my attention that some people don't think this is being made clear. I think they must not be reading the pattern post because the info is there.

In the pattern posts, you will find a section that starts with "Stitches used..." followed by an enumeration of the stitch patterns used. The words "Stitches used" is a link to the Pattern Bibliography post, you just have to put your mouse pointer over those words and click on it. I think the link works for most web browsers, however I'm not absolutely certain. I've only tried it on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. I don't have any other web browser flavors to test this out.

I also want to point out that I've never seen anyone else post a pattern bibliography like this for their patterns. And most patterns I've seen don't even cite the stitch patterns they use. So I feel rather singled out on this matter. Yet, the info is there in my pattern posts.

Ok, I'm done ranting here. Sorry. I'm feeling hormonal today.


You saw the beginning of this mitt here. Since then, I've finished Thomas' first mitt. Yes, it is on the long side for my hand, but the length should be fine for a man's hand.

Below, you can see the thumb I made. I'm happy I managed, more or less, to keep the K2P2 ribbing going up the thumb. It's normally easier to knit in worsted weight yarn than fingerling weight yarn, so I can't explain why I found it more difficult to knit this 12 stitch thumb section in worsted weight yarn than it was for me to knit the 24 stitches around the thumb (of Persephone & Regina) in fingerling weight yarn. Must be one of those knitting oddities.

BTW, the stitch pattern I used in this mitt is K2P2 ribbing, that's from Barbara Walker #1, on page 39. (lower right of the right side page)

And you can find the same stitch pattern from Mon Tricot on page 5. (It's the 4th swatch on the right side page)

You can also find this stitch pattern in many other knitting resources too. It's even on the Knitting Fool site here.


Chinese New Year was on Thursday, February 7 this year. Miss M got some red envelopes for the occasion. It's the custom to give little red envelopes filled with money to children. Besides the red envelopes, my mom also got her some chocolates, fish & coins, for their good meaning. They came from a little chocolate shop in Noe Valley (San Francisco) called Chocolate Covered located at 4069 24th Street, between Castro and Noe. They're next to the shoe repair shop. They used to be one block over, next to the locksmith shop & across from Tully's (this is the same block where Noe Knit yarn shop is located, which was formerly (decades ago) Colorcrane, a small art supply store). Sorry, no photo of the store front. And I am not going to drive 40 miles up to San Francisco to take a photo of it. But you can go to Google Maps, search for the address and then click on the "street view" link (underneath the photo) to see what the store front looks like.

The chocolates were wrapped up in a little bag with a nice red bow:

This is what you get when you open it up:


No, Miss M hasn't finished it all in one sitting.


3 stitch(es):

Murrie said...

Thank you for your patterns. I have studied a few and learned and digested and made my own thing, but you have been an inspiring start to happy projects more than once.


hakucho said...

Wow...seeing your pattern stitch bibliography all listed out with all your patterns...very impressive :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, what is the meaning of fish in the New Year's celebration?