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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh dear

February 21, 2008 ... marks the day when Miss M finally figured out how to open the door to her room. Some doors in our house are harder to open than others, and the door to her room was one of these.

It'll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow morning. I wonder whether she will come over to our room, pat us with her little hand and say, "Mommy, wake up!" or better yet, walk over to DH's side and say, "Daddy, wake up!"


I'm convinced that my body is catching up with my age. There seems to be some new ailment each year. At the end of last year it was a breast rash. That is not a good place to have a rash. After moving house, I finally managed to sit down and choose a dermatologist to take a look at this. I saw Dr. G in Sept who prescribed Aclovate which helped for a while, and then the itching came back. Then I received a bill from Dr. G for $250 which was NOT covered by insurance because she turned out to be "out of network". However the Cigna website still showed her as "in network" when I called about this in Oct; they told me that Dr. G was out of network since July. Ok, so I wasn't smoking crack when I picked her out of the list in Sept. So I needed to find a different doctor who was "in network", but I didn't want to risk choosing one from the list that appeared to be "in network" and then run into the problem of them not being in the network. I noticed that they had some doctors listed that would be "in network" starting on Jan 1, 2008, so I decided to wait until after the new year before making an appt with one of them. Just to be safe.

I saw Dr. C in Jan about the rash and she prescribed Elidel. The rash has gotten better after a month. She said I could continue to use Elidel now and then when needed, that it was "Category C" for pregnancy, which means its safe to use for pregnant women. Good to know.

I'm just full of skin issues these days. I'm not sure if part of it was from the move to our new city which is much drier than the old city. I had a new rash breakout the day before Chinese New Year, on my chin and around my mouth. It was not good for the first week, but now it is more tolerable and only bothers me a little now and then.

And today, Dr C did a biopsy on a suspicious looking mole on my breast. I thought this was going to be a painful process. It actually wasn't bad at all. She's really good! I'll get results in a week or two, and I have to go back to get the stitches removed.

My appt with Dr H is next month, to verify that I am actually pregnant. Dr. C told me that those home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate (and I certainly feel pregnant!). Since my OB appt was late next month, Dr. C offered to send me to the lab in the medical building to have a blood test. Tempted, but I declined. I certainly feel pregnant. Most of all I didn't like the thought of being poked with a needle. Yeah, I'm a wimp. Anyhow, I'll get more than my fair share of needle poking in the coming months...


8 stitch(es):

TracyKM said...

Are you actually going to have to pay that bill?
I remember that Huey had a hard time getting doors open, but Lucy got it early. Megan started opening doors awhile ago, but quite often if the door is closed she won't bother--even Lucy and Huey's room.
I had a rash on my chin for quite awhile too. Very itchy. I'm not sure what finally cleared it up, LOL, I just realized one day that it wasn't there. I put a tablespoon of almonds in my cereal and I do notice if I run out for more than a couple days my skin starts to show it.
Congrats on FEELING pregnant, LOL!

Cactusneedles said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! Exciting! Take care, hope that rash goes away soon.

Angelfire212 said...

Congrats on baby #2! Have you talked to the dermatologist about the rash being a hormonal change? It could go away as soon as baby #2 arrives. Hormones do odd things...much love for you and the little ones!

hakucho said...

Good luck getting your rash to clear up. ...Miss M is getting more independent every day...she'll be a big help by the time your new baby arrives :)

Joan said... house...settled in...#1 is grown up enough to open her own door....hmmmm....was not #2 inevitable? ;-p

LOVE the new Meez (es).

Congrats, Marie!

junior_goddess said...

Wow! Another one! YAY!

BTW, I don't know ANY Mandarin. Or Cantonese. Because I am Japanese.

Anonymous said...

I'd been wondering about your pregnancy, but kept forgetting to check back in. I guess the body keeps you updated faster than the medical system!

My experience with rashes in all sorts of unpleasant places (TMI, I know) is that for me, at least, it was detergent related. I switched to a laundry soap, no detergent, and a detergent-free shampoo, and hey presto! No more boobie rashes.


CatBookMom said...

I hope the new Elidel will keep on working for you. And Hip-hip-hooray about the probable #2 baby! Though how you are going to have time to breathe let alone knit.....???