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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good News!

Good News: I found my camera!

This was a relief, especially since I had some cute photos of Miss M which hadn't been downloaded yet.

Bad News: I lost the doohickey that I need to charge the camera and download the photos.

This is one bad design about my Fuji Finepix F10 camera. There is a "middle man" piece that goes between the camera and the AC adapter cord (or the camera and the USB cable to the computer). You are pretty much screwed without this part.

I didn't know what the part was called. It wasn't even listed as a part/accessory available for purchase from the Fujifilm Mall website. But I eventually found out it was called a Terminal Adapter. After knowing this, I was able to track down a phone number for Fuji parts (1-800-659-3854 x3451) to order a replacement Terminal Adapter. Yay! Can't wait for the part to arrive.

So it is good news after all.


I've finally got 6 balls of Highland Wool for T's Jayne Cobb hat. That's 2 balls each in Ruby, Burnt Orange and Freesia. I hope that's enough yarn, I still need extras for the pompom and the dangling yarn for the ear flaps. I'll need to play around with the hat and hope I make it large enough. I'm not very good at knitting things to a specific size to fit someone. I guess that's why I'm stuck on wash cloths and scarves. And most of the hats I have made were for charity, so they'll fit someone, so I didn't worry about getting a precise fit.

I guess this is one reason why I have been procrastinating on my mom's vest. I really should cast on and see where it takes me. I have printed out the pattern, so that's half the battle. I will be using Highland Wool in Allspice. I really need to cast on for this vest.

Another project I have is creating a chart for my Osiris Scarf. I don't knit directly from charts myself (I should learn!), but I understand many knitters actually prefer charts. So I'm attempting to create one. It's been an interesting exercise so far. Much of the challenge had to do with figuring out how to represent the cable stitches using the Aire River knitting font, and getting the cable stitches to look right over a span of 3 or 4 boxes in a Word Table.


4 stitch(es):

Sue J. said...

I have just recently found your blog and designs, and they are gorgeous. Thank you so much for your creativity with cables. I am currently knitting the Persephone Scarf and intend to knit one of your hats to match. Lovely. Such talent. Thank you, again.

Ghislaine said...

Glad to hear you found your camera and were able to obtain the missing part.

Do you use a memory card in your camera or do you just use the built-in memory? If you have a removable card, then you should be able to buy an inexpensive USB card reader to plug directly into your computer to download the photos.

Pacific College Mom said...

The great thing about Jayne's hat is that it isn't really designed to look like it was made to fit, so if you are off a bit, who cares? Are you going to make all the holes and dangly bits like the original one? Most people who make one for themselves don't seem to include them, because it makes their knitting ability look questionable... Have fun and good luck!!!

PCM (Ann)

hakucho said...

I am so happy you found your camera :) :) :) I would do a little happy dance if you could see me ;)