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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Devon Square

[2/2008 note: You can see the square in the completed blanket here:]

This is Elann Devon in dusty plum. For some reason, the purple looks more brown to me in the photos. In real life, it really is some muted shade of purple. I should have jumped on the Devon bandwagon when this yarn first came out because I love working with it. I knitted this yarn for the very first time last month. Now I want more! Unfortunately the yarn is being discontinued, and there are not many colors left. Ah well, I guess my pocket book is saved this time around...

This is the blanket square I mentioned in this previous post. I mailed it off to L on 10/4, and am glad I am not the last person to get mine to her; this was a fear of mine when we started this project. This was also my very first trip to the post office in the new city I live in. I have to say that lines seem to move much slower here in the suburbs...

This square is based on the Osiris Scarf pattern. I just added extra seed stitch on the sides to get the width I needed for a 12" square. Boy is it tough to try to get something to exact dimensions. It took me a couple tries before I thought I had the right number of stitches cast on, and even after blocking I still didn't get an exact square. However I was very pleased that I could end the pattern at a logical stopping point so that the cables look OK on both (top & bottom) ends. I was really worried about that when I started the square.

I'm still in a cable mood, but have started a simple knit/purl pattern to give my brain a rest. As Christmas is creeping up, I find myself started to think about worsted weight and thicker yarns. Most of the yarns in my stash are DK weight. I still have to post some photos of my Yarnmoire. It's already stuffed. I think I need a second one for the overflow. How do I tell DH that I need to get furniture for my yarn? Maybe I need an SUV or Minivan instead...


6 stitch(es):

Sue J. said...

The square is just gorgeous. I know you probably need a rest from all the cabling. However, I sure hope you go back to it when you feel rested. Your patterns are lovely.

Suzann said...

It is just beautiful Marie! You really have a gift for combining cables.
I think I maybe the last square in. I have three inches of plain knitting left to do.

Enid said...

Gosh the Devon is so pretty. And the square just gawjus. :D Very nice, very nice.

SooZ said...

A very nice blanket you made there!

Thanks for posting a comment! The book you mention reminds me of a story about my mom who is a sock knitter. She got the same book in her early sock days and couldn't draw inspiration in actually using the book. We used to look at it and ohh and ahhh, but she never made a sock... She picked up several other books and those started the passion in knitting socks. She has realized the first book had instructions that were not easy to follow. Try Ann Budds Gtg Started Knitting Socks or Interweaves Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs.

As you do smaller projects: wonderful cloths and hats, I think you'll become a wonderful sock knitter! (Think winter and warm feet!) Even take up a course at the LYS . I also learned two socks on one needle from a online course:

good luck!

Joan said...

Really beautiful, Marie!

hakucho said...

That is one beautiful blanket square. You do such nice (and elaborate) work!

happy knitting :)