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Friday, December 23, 2005

Chemo Hat #6 Started

I started the Knitpicks Chemo hat using some green brushed acrylic sport weight yarn. This yarn is pretty soft. It takes a long time to cast on 104 stitches. I counted numerous times to make sure I had 104 stitches before starting the K2P2 ribbing. Knitting so many stitches using sport weight yarn takes forever... you knit so many stitches and get so little mileage compared to knitting with worsted weight. This hat is going to take me longer to finish. After doing the K2P2 ribbing section, I increased to 130 stitches. Hey, that's a lot of stitches!

I've completed three sections of the Short Row Shaping Sequence. I can't figure out why I have loose stitches in the second and third sections when I know I pull tightly on my stitches near the marker. I think it has something to do with how the Short Row Shaping Sequence works. You knit to almost the end, turn, purl back to almost the end, turn, knit back to marker, etc.... and in that process, there is one stitch/column that doesn't get knitted during that back & forth sequence.

This yarn is pretty soft but has a bit of fuzz/halo around it so it "sticks" together, making it very difficult to tink back, which I have had to do when I made mistakes. I have a hard time keeping my place in the 4-row Short Row Shaping Sequence because I can't always finish it all at once. When I pick it up again, I forget where I am and usually end up turning where I shouldn't, nevermind that the marker is supposed to tell me where I am in the round.


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