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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Chemo Hat #1 Version 6

Can you believe it? I've cast on this hat 6 times already! Hopefully this will be the last time.

Here is a picture of Version 1. It looks fine from the top. What isn't immediately obvious is how BIG this hat is ... it's so large that it can fit Madame Olympe Maxime! It's hard to measure the circumference (especially with the SS rolling up on the ends) but I think it's 24 inches or more. Someone pointed out that 24 inches is even too big for a man, "even if his head is swollen," and that a woman's chemo hat should be in the 19 to 21 range.

I worked the crown increase up to 110 stitches. I probably should have stopped at 90 stitches, but at the time I just wasn't sure whether the hat was large enough! The hat looked more "platter" shaped than "bowl" shaped. I was afraid the hat won't be snug enough.

Here is the side view of the large hat next to my Tivo remote so you can get an idea of the size. It's really not a very good picture for showing how large the hat really is though. While knitting the hat, it just looks and feels more flat than bowl shaped, I kept wondering when it will start
looking like a hat. In this picture, there is a rolled up towel underneat to give it more of a hat shape. Without it the hat will just look like a flat hat.

I ended up ripping out this hat and starting over. Unfortunately, I ended up re-casting on 5 more times because I would knit anywhere up to a dozen rounds before making a mistake requiring me to frog the whole thing again. (sigh) Of course it didn't help that 3 of those times were in the car; I guess I don't knit as well in a moving vehicle. Hopefully this 6th version will make it to the bind off.

This is the top view of Version 6. It has a slightly smaller radius than Version 1, and it feels more "hat" shaped as I am knitting it:

Here is the side view of Version 6. I need to knit about another inch of the pattern, then I can begin the last 1 inch of Seed Stitch.


1 stitch(es):

Silvia Luggenhölscher said...

Hi, my name is Silvia and I am from germany. My best mail friend is going on Chemo next week and I want to make her a lovely hat. SO i surfed around the www and found your site. Could you please tell me how to make this nice rose Chemo Hat 1 Version 6 ? It might be the right one for my friend.
Wish you a nice day...silvia