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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Always a WIP, never a FO

I have not done any knitting in a month. :-( I have been too tired to knit, even in the evenings after M goes to sleep. Lately she has been having trouble staying asleep, so we have to go soothe her numerous times in the evening and at night. When we're not doing that, we cook and eat dinner, shower, and try to wind down before going to bed with the hopes of getting at least an hour of sleep before she wakes for her next feeding. My wind down period is about 1/2 hour if I'm lucky and I'm too brain dead to do much during this time.

WIPs that are still WIPs (sigh):

Flower Basket Shawl ... going on 4 months I think

Basketweave scarf ... about 2 months on needles
Second Branching Out scarf ... 1 month since I frogged it and started from scratch

And I have some worsted weight Plymouth Encore yarn on needles from when I was playing around with a pattern about 9 months ago; this will eventually morph into a hat someday.

I will be getting more yarn soon, just waiting for my little white box. A few balls each of Baby Cashmere yarn in Prism Pink, Rose Heather, Dusky Lavender, Cashmere Blue, & Morning Mist. And also 2 balls of some sock yarn cuz I'd love to try knitting socks someday (hopefully before the next Ice Age).


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