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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Textured Sock 8 Finished


Here's Sock 8 completed. Overall I think the texture makes the sock look interesting enough, but I found it very tedious to knit. I think K2P2 rib is my favorite sock pattern.

These socks are for my Mom, who has larger feet than mine. I hope they'll fit her OK. I haven't blocked the socks. I need to get some sock blockers. I keep looking at the ones from Knit Picks.

Project Details:
-- 2 balls Elann Sock It To Me, Oasis
-- JMCO 12/24, 3x incr, 64 sts
-- 2.75 mm
-- 7.25" before starting SRH
-- foot is 9" long after finishing SRH
-- 8 rnds k2p2 rib cuff
-- leg from top to bottom is ~9.25-9.5"


Remember the vest I made my mother last year? She called me to tell me that she put it in the washer and it shurk. Aaaaaah! Although the vest was a relatively simple pattern, it vest took me 8 months to complete. I told her NOT to put anything else I have knit her into the washing machine, especially the Luna Moth Shawl. I think she still wants me to knit her another vest. I do have wool in 2 different colors to make another vest.

Oh, I finally picked out yarn for my Doctor Who (season 12) Scarf !!!!! I'll have to show you the colors next time. Though I'm not sure I could actually wear such a scarf ... a 4.5 m to 5 m scarf on someone just over 1.5 m tall prolly wouldn't work out very well. Wouldn't want to pull an Isadora Duncan.

I mentioned a new TV & Blu-ray player in my last post. I finally got my hands on a Blu-ray DVD, Taken. WOW! The movie looked great, and it didn't hurt that the movie turned out to be pretty good too. Now I don't think I can buy regular DVDs anymore. The downside is that the Blu-ray DVDs tend to cost more. Sigh.

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5 stitch(es):

Lupie said...

Love the socks. My daughter and her husband are Doc Who fans and I know they would love this scarf. Is it a 1x1 rib?
My husband was thinking of getting a Blu-ray DVD but not sure it would make that much of a difference to our already 42" HD tv.


One again, love what you knit!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Your socks look great! But yes, k2p2 is a great sock pattern, too. I put a mock cable in the k2 every 6 rounds or so; it helps me make both socks the same length.

My mom washed/felted an exquisite hat that I made for her; she's not allowed to wash any of the hand knits I give her any more, either...

Jean said...

I winced - poor vest, just a poor innocent victim. That was a great idea from Michele about putting a cable in the sock, sure beats knitting two socks at the same time! I've seen Taken on Blu ray too, (a friend has one and I love the watch movies there).

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you blogging again!! Love the socks. I usually, OK Just, knit simple st st socks with a1x1 rib. my favorite. Do you like the lacy socks as well? Maybe I should break down and knit them. Anyway, Love the socks.