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Friday, November 20, 2009

Luna Moth failure

I've recently learned that Chris is undergoing chemo treatment. She could use some thoughts and prayers.

Shawl unblocked

Do you remember the 2nd Luna Moth Shawl I was working on with the hopes of completing it in time for a wedding way back in September? It felt large enough on the needles and I was afraid it would become too large, so I bound off. Then I laid it down flat and discovered it was much too small. If I stretched it wide, it would shorten. If I stretched it long, it would become more narrow. DUH! Why didn't I factor that in? It really did seem bigger when the stitches were all bunched up on the needles. So this shawl has been sitting in its bag for a couple of months awaiting the time when I feel up to undoing the binding off and then undoing that row before bind off. It sounds like just 2 rows of work, but there are A LOT of stitches. This shawl will hibernate for a little while now that I have more urgent knits to complete. It actually worked out fine not having the shawl ready for the wedding. It was such a hot day that I wouldn't have needed it anyway.

Here's something I found a few months back in a bargain bin near the checkout at IKEA. They called it a "media" something or other. I see a DPN zippered storage case disguised as a pencil case.

I was actually thinking this would be nice for throwing in a set of DPNs plus some pens/pencils, and then putting it in a carry-on bag. Ha! Like a travel on planes very often. I can't remember the last time I flew. It was definitely before the Little One was born, so more than 5 years ago.

I'm still processing old photos and I'm having trouble sitting still long enough to focus on typing up something about the photos. So I'll be doing them in baby steps.

I finally finished reading Shakespeare's Champion by Charlaine Harris. This was my first book in the Lily Bard series and I just couldn't get into it as easily as I could her other series (viz. Sookie Stackhouse series and Harper Connelly series). Perhaps the problem was starting with book #2 in the series.

I managed to get my hands on her new book, Grave Secret, which came out at the end of October. It is book #4 in the Harper Connelly series. I'm about a third into the book and am enjoying this much more. I want to read this book, however I'm dreading finishing it because then I'm left with figuring out what to read next.

Let's see, what else is going on here. Oh, our 12 year old TV died. This seems to affect the other people is the house more than it does me. So we're getting a new one tomorrow and hopefully set up this weekend. I'm sure DH is highly motivated to get it all connected together with the other components. We got a nice little TV/Blu-ray player bundle on sale. Yay! I was shocked to discover that the Blu-ray DVD player did not come with an HDMI cable, it is sold separately. The cable included in the box doesn't support HD. What?! Guess they're trying to cut costs.

Of course we won't be getting HD reception just yet since our Tivo box and DirectTV box are not HD. I'm not looking forward to getting a new Tivo box since we have lifetime service on ours.

I've been making Banana Nut Bread in a loaf pan lately. I used to bake it in a Bundt pan. I cannot figure out why it comes out more "fluffy" in the Bundt pan. The rectangular loaf shape makes it easier to wrap up for people at DH's work. DH thinks that the banana flavour is more concentrated in the loaf form. Oh, I've recently discovered baking sprays with flour. OMG, it makes greasing/flouring a pan so easy!!! How long have they been selling this stuff is the stores? I guess I've just been oblivious.

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3 stitch(es):

junior_goddess said...

Be careful about the spray you choose-it seems a lot of pan manufacturers nix sprays because of the propellants. Here is what the good folks at Nordic Ware have to say...

My verification word is Woolize, which is appropriate, don't you think?

Jean said...

Just a quick comment for now, what a great idea for the pencil cases! Well back to bed (think I'm coming down with a flu)

Lupie said...

I will keep Chris in my prayers.
The shawl looks beautiful to me.
I have been making pumpkin spice bread and I don't butter or flour. I use parchment paper to line the loaf pan and it works great.