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Friday, August 21, 2009


In an earlier post, I mentioned looking for bedroom furniture. After looking here and there, we finally settled on this set. This is my first sleigh style bed. The furniture set looks good in our bedroom. We decided not to get the mirror or the bench. I've had a mirror on an older dresser and didn't really care for it. I want to get a full length mirror instead. We don't have enough room for the bench, however if we ever do move into another place with a larger bedroom, I'd like something like a chest which could provide a bit of storage too.

With the bed and the new latex mattresses we got, our bed is much higher than before. I'm still getting used to this. I used to be able to sit up in bed and reach over to get something from my little knitting tote bag. Now it's quite a stretch.

I didn't think I would need a bed skirt with the new slight bed, however the bottom mattress still peeked through so I ended up having to use one. Oh and I must admit that I have already bumped my thigh while trying to round the corner around the bed. But it has only happened once.

Perhaps I should just plop my little knitting tote bag in an open nightstand drawer instead of putting it on the floor by the bed.

The drawers have these dangling rings that my little one likes to push up. She has her own idea about how things should be.

That skinny drawer on this chest is a jewelry drawer. It's not really something I care to have, but oh well. I guess I'll put something in it.

While shopping for mattresses, we tried out a RejuveNite latex pillow and loved how it felt. So we picked up a pair, since it was B1G1F. I've slept on it for a couple of nights and still like it. This is a good sign. :-) The only thing you need to do with these is let it air out for a day before using for the first time, cuz it has a very strong odor !

I had to move boxes of yarn out of the bedroom to make room for the furniture. Some of it went into the living room, some went into the storage room, and some went into DH's closet (shhhh). I used to have an idea of what lived in the bedroom, now it'll be harder to find my yarn. :-(

I've been chipping away at a sock while watching TV. We finally caught up on the last 5 or 6 episodes of BSG. Yes. I. Know. It's been months since the series ended. Thank goodness for Tivo. I still have TW Children of the Earth to get to.

I gave up on that Donna Leon mystery, and started Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris instead. Harper (the main character) is able to find dead people. It's a creepy skill to have! This is the same author who wrote the Sookie Stackhouse series. She's actually written tons of books, and has several different series. I'll eventually work my way through them all.

The Little One has "graduated" to the next classroom at her daycare, she'll be starting in her new classroom next Monday with the other "big kids". She seems ok with the idea. She wanted to bring cupcakes on Friday (her last day) and made a very big deal about it. During the usual night night routine on Thursday at bedtime, she made a point of reminding us to bring cupcakes to school on Friday. So I had to get up early and hunt down some cupcakes Friday morning. It feels weird to buy cupcakes in the morning. Nothing gets by those kids. I walked into the classroom with them in hand and was walking towards the counter to put them down when one of her classmates shouts out excitedly, "Cupcakes!!!!"

I'm still sucked into that farming game, Farm Town. And I finally gave in and checked out that other farming game, Farmville, because all my neighbors from FT sent me gifts from FV (cuz apparently they all play both games). I was ignoring them during the past couple of weeks, but got tired of seeing all those gift requests enumerated on my FB requests page. I think (but am not absolutely sure that) you can see my Farm Town lot here. Please let me know if the link works or not. My farm is still a work in progress. I'll think more seriously about how I want it to look after I have reached Level 34. One thing I know is that I'd like to try to build a waterfall !

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8 stitch(es):

SusanB-knits said...

Nice furniture! I need to get a bed skirt too but haven't yet.
Charlaine Harris is one of my favorite authors. I've read all her books! She's good.
I haven't got caught up in Facebook yet. too many other things to do. lol

junior_goddess said...

Heh. I won't even look at the game, because I am afraid I'll get sucked in!!!

Batty said...

Lovely furniture!

hakucho said...

Love your new furniture set!! I hope you have many years of peaceful sleeping....enjoy :)

Maryann said...

Great furniture! The jewelry drawer would be a great place to store knitting needles!

Cosmo DK said...

Suggestion to deal with the bed - if you are not planning to use the underside for storage, you can put a fitted sheet on the box spring. We did this, and I really like the sleek look.

Georgi said...

Your new furniture is beautiful. Isn't it fun to get new stuff??

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

You have beautiful taste. I love it. Congratulations !