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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Last Sunset of 2007

Purple Phoenix pointed me to this slideshow of some awesome photos of the last sunset of 2007, all taken by various people from around the San Francisco Bay Area. She submitted 3 sunset photos. You can see the slide show at Purple Phoenix submitted 3 sunset photos. She's becoming quite a good photographer, you can check out some of her photos here.

I finally worked up a little motivation after having frogged Mom's vest last month. It took me two tries before I could correctly cast on 92 stitches for this third try of knitting this vest. I can't explain how I started by casting on 98 stitches, then knitting 7 rows before I discovered the mistake. Did I forget to double check and count the stitches on the needle before starting?

This third try should (hopefully) be wide enough, however I'm not sure if the length will work out since I'm still getting 3.5 inches out of 20 rows of the block pattern. Same as in my second try. When I reached 3.5 inches of the first block pattern, I had to decide whether to stop there and move on to the second block pattern or to continue on for another 4 rows. I was afraid the latter might give me too much length. I guess I will just have to continue knitting and then see. With my luck I will end up frogging this back section again.


3 stitch(es):

hakucho said...

This third time will be the charm...fingers crossed!

So far it looks great....Good luck!

happy knitting :)

V. said...

Something about counting stitches on a needle that makes idiots of us.... i have the same problem - I could count again and again and still manage to get it wrong.....

V. said...

ps - thanks for the links to the sunset slide show and my pics. The sunset slide show is up to 148 - imagine that many pictures were taken in a 10-15 minute time period on new years eve around the bay area - of the same sunset!!!